‘Jihadbook’ (doing business as Facebook) suspends user for posting photo of San Bernardino terrorist but allowed terrorist to post support for ISIS

A woman was suspended from Facebook after posting a meme on her page that included a photo of San Bernardino terrorist Tashfeen Malik and a reference to Donald Trump’s Muslim immigration policy.



DailyWire  The meme had quoted this next to an image of Malik:

Presidential candidate Donald Trump is calling for “a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States until our country’s representatives can figure out what is going on. Do you agree?


The meme was posted on Restless Patriot, a frequently-visited conservative page dedicated to fighting for constitutional freedoms in the United States while honoring the memory of Andrew Breitbart. The page manager told The Daily Wire that shortly after posting it, she was logged out of her account and notified that she would be blocked for 30 days because her post had violated “community standards.”


“You’ve repeatedly posted things that aren’t allowed on Facebook,” she was notified. Facebook had suspended the woman’s page in the past for sharing a meme from another page, in reference to Margaret Sanger. 

Ironically, Malik, the subject of the meme, went on her shooting massacre after publicly pledging her allegiance to ISIS leader al-Baghdadi on Facebook. Facebook took down Malik’s post only after she murdered 14 innocent civilians in San Bernardino, California.

Facebook doesn’t take down Muslim hate speech like this:


“She can pledge her allegiance to ISIS on Facebook but we get 30 days for posting her photo,” the Restless Patriot page manager posted.

As if to deliberately prove her point: the same night that the Restless Patriot was moved to “Facebook jail,” Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg pledged on Facebook to fight to protect Muslim rights:


Facebook has taken multiple measures in the past to block anti-Islamic content from its network, including 2012, when it blocked links to an anti-Islamic video because it violated “anti-blasphemy laws” in Pakistan. Twitter, on the other hand, had not given in to Pakistan’s request to remove “offending tweets” about Islam, and was banned from the country.


While I agree with your message, it makes me sad that as a Jew you don’t stand up and support your own community when it comes to the hate we face everyday,” one Facebook user responded to Zuckerberg’s message on Wednesday.


The Restless Patriot administrator told The Daily Wirethat she had tried to appeal her Facebook suspension but had not heard back.

“This photo was not of the woman dead, it was the photo that I have seen on COUNTLESS other FB pages, but MINE was paired with the Trump quote,” she told The Daily Wire. “I am not sure WHICH thing they thought was the violation. I have tried to appeal but have not heard a word.”

Zuckerberg promised Angela Merkel that he would ban Facebook posts that are insulting to Muslims, especially Muslim invaders now flooding Europe at the invitation of Merkel.