“Credible/Hoax” bomb and nerve gas threats to LA & NYC schools were emailed by a MUSLIM STUDENT who claims to have joined a jihadi cell

bombthreat1The threat that shut down every school in Los Angeles was a hoax that allegedly was written by an angry Muslim student and was inspired by a recent plot from the hit TV series ‘Homeland,’ it has been revealed. More than 640,000 children were ordered to stay home after the district’s superintendent received an email from a self-professed extremist jidahi threatening to attack schools with nerve gas, bombs, and rifles.


UK Daily Mail (h/t Maria J)  An almost identical email was sent to school officials in New York City, but the Mayor and NYPD Police Commissioner declined to take the same action.  LA police, school boards, and politicians even stuck by their decision after New York officials highlighted major flaws in the email – such as the misspelling of ‘Allah’ with a lowercase ‘a’. 

It has also been revealed the writer of the message claimed he joined a ‘jihadi cell’ after he’d been bullied and rejected from ‘one of the district’s high schools’. (Awww, poor baby)


The threatening email, which threw school days on the West coast into disarray, read: ‘I am a devout Muslim, and was once against violence, but I have teamed up with a local jihadist cell as it is the only way I’ll be able to accomplish my massacre the correct way.’

According to ABC, the email which was sent to officials in LA and New York City went on: ‘Something big is going down. Something very big. It will make national headlines. Perhaps, even international ones.

‘Every school in the New York City district is being targeted. We have bombs hidden in lockers already at several schools.’ The mention of the use of nerve gas appeared to be the link made by authorities to Homeland, the popular series on Showtime starring Claire Danes, as it was part of a threat in a recent episode.

'HOMELAND' character Peter Quinn after being gassed with Sarin
‘HOMELAND’ character Peter Quinn after being gassed with Sarin by Muslim terrorists
Homeland's Peter Quinn talks about the quran
HOMELAND’S Peter Quinn talks about the quran

The threatening 360-word email sent to the New York City school superintendent warned that schools would be attacked with pressure cooker bombs, nerve agents and machine guns. It claimed the writer and ‘138 comrades’ would carry out the attack. Students ‘at every school in the New York City school district will be massacred, mercilessly. And there is nothing you can do to stop it,’ the message said.

A law enforcement official with access to the document provided the email to The Associated Press. The official was not authorized to disclose details of an ongoing investigation and spoke on condition of anonymity.


The anonymous writer claimed to be a student at a district high school who had been bullied. The person also claimed to be a jihadist but made errors that suggested the writer was really a prankster, including spelling the word ‘Allah’ with a lowercase ‘a.’ (That implies the terrorist is not a Muslim, but apparently it was)

Los Angeles police and Congressman Brad Sherman, D-California, told ABC that the Los Angeles threat contained some differences to that sent to New York He said there was a graphic reference to explosives hidden in the body of a female suicide bomber. 


On Monday morning SWAT teams descended on the county’s 900 campuses. But six hours later a House Intelligence Committee member told the Associated Press the email has been ruled a hoax. 

‘It is very easy in hindsight to criticize a decision when you have no responsibility for the outcome,’ LA’s Charlie Beck said, in a direct attack on New York police commissioner Bill Bratton – who dismissed the move to close schools as an overreaction.


‘It was so generic, so outlandish and posed to numerous school districts simultaneously… the assumption of the NYPD and the assumption of the NYPD were exactly the same, that in fact it would be a huge disservice to our nation to close down our school system.’

Announcing the unprecedented school closures in Los Angeles, which have affected hundreds of thousands of parents, Cortines told a press conference he had received an email from overseas describing plans to bomb at least three schools and multiple students. 


According to CNN, it said 32 ‘accomplices’ would carry out various different attacks with explosives in backpacks. The author claimed to be an extremist Muslim jihadist, signed the email with an Arabic name, and name-checked specific parts of Los Angeles. 

Your children are being taught about Islam in public schools, but they are getting the whitewashed ‘religion of peace’ version, not the truth.