OBAMA STRATEGY FOR ‘DEFEATING’ ISIS? Continue to ‘limit’ airstrikes against ISIS training camps

obama-isis-strategyObama said for the first time this week that U.S. and allied airstrikes are targeting ISIS training camps in Iraq and Syria, but new figures reveal only 20 camps out of 60 were hit in recent months because Obama fears collateral damage on his Muslim brothers and sisters.


FREE BEACON  Critics in the Obama administration and U.S. military say ISIS has been operating more than 60 training camps since 2014 in areas of Syria and Iraq. The camps are said to be producing an estimated 1,000 fighters a month. The officials voiced frustrations that ISIS training camps are not being vigorously struck. “These camps give them a continuous, fresh flow fighters,” said one official, “and little is being done to destroy them.”

Long War Journal reported in June that the number of terrorist training camps in Syria and Iraq continues to increase, for both ISIS and al Qaeda. The journal reported that more than 100 training camps have been identified in the two Middle East states. “The proliferation of training camps in Iraq and Syria speaks to the strength of the Islamic State and its ability to continue to gather and instruct recruits despite the U.S. and allies’ air campaign.”

Nevertheless, Obama said at the Pentagon on Monday following a National Security Council meeting, “Every day, we destroy as well more of ISIL’s forces—their fighting positions, bunkers, and staging areas; their heavy weapons, bomb-making factories, compounds and training camps.”