HILLARY CLINTON LIES…says Republican frontrunner Donald Trump is featured in ISIS recruiting videos

During Sunday night’s Democrat debate,  frontrunner Hillary Clinton made the outrageous statement that Donald Trump was featured in ISIS recruiting videos. The lie was swiftly debunked, but what is most ironic is the fact that there is an ISIS recruitment video currently making the rounds that features Bill Clinton and Barack Hussein Obama. 

Truth Revolt  It was not a claim made in isolation. It came as Clinton tried to explain her ISIS and refugee strategies in the face of an American public which strongly supports Trump’s position. This was Hillary’s opportunity to convince the public that people need not give in to fear. So she reverted to her usual tactic when she has no argument and makes stuff up, hoping no one will notice. Here are a few still shots from the video:

isis-video-clinton isis-video-obama

The crucial point of this propaganda video is that, at the end of the day, it matters not who America elects as president. Islamic terrorism has been and always will be about one thing alone: Islam. It is not about poverty or American foreign policy decisions.

Islamic terrorists have been wreaking havoc for decades, centuries, millennia even — far before the U.S. was even born. It is easy to forget that key fact when left-wing lawmakers and the media report otherwise, and attempt to attribute modern-day occurrences as catalysts for this age-old ideology. 

This is the ISIS recruiting video “No Respite.”