ITALY: Muslim invaders dump garbage in the streets because the lovely villa they are housed in for free doesn’t have cleaning service or free internet

7ad19f7c-e7c9-11e4-95e4-5b813b50dde0-1020x716-e1440835800193The 24 illegal alien Muslims are up in arms after demanding someone clean up after them in the Italian duplex where they have been housed since arriving from sub-Saharan Africa last summer. They are also angry at not being provided free internet, which has prevented them from contacting relatives back home.

MUSLIM invaders who illegally are flooding Italy, moan and riot over ‘poor living conditions’
MUSLIM invaders who illegally are flooding Italy, moan and riot over ‘poor living conditions’

UK Daily Mail  The demonstrations, which first took place last week, also blocked main roads in the town of Ceranova, near Milan, sparking heated rows with members of the local community. 

The town’s mayor, Alessandro Grieco, was forced to intervene personally with the help of three police officers to calm the situation, it was reported by The Local, which cited La Repubblica. 

Mr Grieco has expelled the 24-year-old leader of the protests from the villa. He said: ‘The migrants have obviously flagged up a few issues for them but this is not the way to draw attention to them. ‘We absolutely won’t tolerate protests like this.’ (Yes, you will because you allowed them to stay in your country. Get used to it)

Migrants stand at the Cara Mineo Villas, a hosting centre for asylum
Muslim migrants stand at the Cara Mineo Villas, a hosting centre for asylum

Matteo Salvini, the leader of the anti-immigration Northern League party has also attacked the protest, asking: ‘They wan’t someone to clean their homes – can you believe it?’ He even joked about dispatching the left-wing leader of Italy’s Chamber of Deputies, Laura Boldrini, to clean up the mess. ‘To keep them happy, let’s send Boldrini,’ he said.

Half of those arriving were Syrians fleeing the war, another 20 per cent were Afghans, and seven per cent were Iraqis, according to agencies monitoring the flow. (CRAP! Look at the photos, most are North Africans)


It comes as new figures revealed that more than a million illegal alien migrants had now crossed into Europe this year – more than four times the total for 2014, it has been revealed.

More than 800,000 arrived by sea in Greece while 3,700 have died or gone missing trying to cross the Mediterranean.   The figures were revealed by the International Organisation for Migration, which said the million mark was exceeded on Monday. 

Sign in Italy says “Enough of uncivilized immigrants”
Italian residents protest the flood of Muslim illegals with banner that says, “Enough of uncivilized immigrants”

More than 820,000 crossed into Greece from Turkey, including more than 455,000 from Syria and over 186,000 from Afghanistan, the IMO said. The 162-country intergovernmental agency says the arrival of more than 4,100 people into Greece on Monday put the annual total over 1 million.  

The figure includes more than 34,000 arrivals by land from Turkey into neighboring Greece and Bulgaria, or only about 3.5 percent of the total this year. (Why are they leaving Turkey? No war there)

BUT THAT’S NOT ALL!  Also in Italy, African Muslim invaders protest over being forced to eat pasta.


DMF  Around 80 of them appeared at the gates of the Livorno Governmental Building asking to be allowed to speak with the prefect Tiziana Costantino so they could explain their problems to her.

Around 80 so-called refugees were involved, who stay at the asylum centre in Via S. Anna in Venezia, coming from Senegal, Guinea, Nigeria, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

Their protest was, first of all, about the type of food they are offered each day. “Every day we eat pasta and it is not part of our culture. We want to diversify the food offering so that it better meets our cultural requirements.”

Violent clashes erupt between Italian citizens and illegal alien Muslim invaders:

Italian police have to beat back the rioting Muslim illegals:

Compilation video of Muslim invaders posing as refugees and complaining about their European host countries: