MUSLIM Man named “Jihad” arrested after telling California police he had left bomb outside their station

article-jihad-4-1222-1Cops in El Monte carried out a controlled explosion on the bag after Jihad Mufaddi Khalaf Haddadin, a 52-year-old Muslim, told police he had left a bomb in the backpack outside the police station and reportedly made repeated references to violent  “Jihad” yesterday morning,  according to Fox 11 News.

NY Daily News  “Several officers on that shift came out and confronted him,” El Monte police Captain Chris Williams told ABC 7 News“He  did what we told him to do, but that backpack was concerning to us because we hadn’t looked inside of it.”

Bomb detonator used
Bomb detonator used

According to the sheriff’s department, the bomb squad quickly determined the backpack did not contain explosives and destroyed the bag. It was later found to contain clothing, papers and other personal items.