FINALLY! A Muslim female student ‘was spat at and called a terrorist on London bus as other passengers just smiled and did nothing’

tumblr_lhhqerP0sB1qc6tkoo1_250-viIrqa Mohamed, 20, said she was the victim of a racist (What ‘race’ is Islam?) rant while she was wearing a Muslim supremacist headbag on the bus in Islington. She said she ‘did not think she would leave the bus alive’ (drama queen), alleging a ‘crazed’ man spat at her and racially (What ‘race’ is Islam?) abused her while other passengers did nothing last Sunday.

Irqa Mohamed
Irqa Mohamed

UK Daily Mail  In a tweet she later deleted, she said: ‘A white man spat at me in a buss [sic] of people and kept on cussing me out cause of my Hijaab while people smiled a laughed along.’ Miss Mohamed, of Finsbury Park, said she was on the vehicle with a friend but when they got up to get off a man started shouting at her.

She told the Evening Standard: ‘He moved seats and then called me a racist and a terrorist. He started to go crazy. He said people like me were coming into this country and taking all the jobs.’ 


She added: ‘I do think it’s sad no one spoke up for me. The bus was full at one point and you could tell no one wanted anything to deal with him.’

Miss Mohamed said the abuse lasted for several stops and did not end until another friend boarded the bus and confronted him. She made a complaint to the British Transport Police and described her alleged abuser as having long hair and slurred speech.

Meanwhile a Transport for London spokesman said racism is ‘not tolerated’ on the bus network and they would work with the police on any investigation into the incident.