SUDDEN JIHAD SYNDROME? One killed, three injured in stabbing and shooting attack in Berlin

One man was killed and three seriously injured in stabbing and shooting attacks in Berlin on Saturday by rival families with an “immigrant” background, police said.

Ruptly  SOT, Michael Gassen, spokesperson for Berlin police (German): “Today at around 1:10 pm, four men were attacked in the street by unknown perpetrators, who shot and stabbed them. One of the men suffered such heavy injuries that he died on the way to the hospital. The homicide division is conducting forensic investigation at the scene of the crime. There is a lot of evidence that is yet to be investigated, including many potential eyewitnesses, people passing by.
The perpetrators reportedly used firearms and knifes in the attack, critically injuring all four attacked persons. Their identity is yet to be confirmed. Locals have claimed that the attack was the culmination of a family dispute originating in the Balkans.