“Drop Dead, Suckers,” Dutch MP Geert Wilders tells Muslim sympathizers

Protestors-hold-placards-outside-a-press-conference-being-held-by-right-wing-Dutch-MP-Geert-Wilders-on-October-16-2009-in-London.Outspoken populist Dutch politician Geert Wilders has told enemy politicians and the controlled media to “drop dead” after they demanded he condemn the recent Dutch nationalists’ physical resistance to the Muslim invasion.

New Observer  Better known as an anti-Islam populist, the massively increased Muslim influx into Europe during 2015 has seen Wilders adopt an increasingly anti-Muslim invader political platform.

quote-take-a-walk-down-the-street-and-see-where-this-is-going-you-no-longer-feel-like-you-are-living-in-geert-wilders-2783322-e1430293220257Just prior to the recent clash in Geldermalsen (which saw white protestors physically disrupt a local authority meeting which was planning the creation of an invader center in the town), Wilders had publicly called on the townsfolk to “resist” the camp’s establishment.

Following the violence—which shocked no one except the traitorous establishment parties in Holland—the far leftist deputy Prime Minister Lodewijk Asscher said that Wilders had “ignored the opportunity to condemn the violence in Geldermalsen.” 


He described Wilders (recently voted “politician of the year” by viewers of television program EenVandaag), as a “trader in fear.” Other far leftists made similar comments, all demanding of Wilders that he distance himself from the events in Geldermalsen.

The calls on him to publicly repudiate the anti-invasion activists increased after another incident in Pannerden, southeast of Arnhem, a few days later. In that case, fireworks were set off against a house occupied by Somali invaders. The perpetrators left behind a leaflet with a photograph of Wilders and the text “foreigners must go; this is just the beginning.”


Wilders was unrepentant, however, and took to Twitter to tell his opponents what he thought of them and their hysteria:

“Politicians and the press can drop dead. Distance yourself from your cowardice and betrayal of the Netherlands to Islam. Suckers.”

Recently, Wilders also warned the Turks,“You  are not welcome here, you will never become part of the EU.”