“Drop Dead, Suckers,” Dutch MP Geert Wilders tells Muslim sympathizers

Protestors-hold-placards-outside-a-press-conference-being-held-by-right-wing-Dutch-MP-Geert-Wilders-on-October-16-2009-in-London.Outspoken populist Dutch politician Geert Wilders has told enemy politicians and the controlled media to “drop dead” after they demanded he condemn the recent Dutch nationalists’ physical resistance to the Muslim invasion.

New Observer  Better known as an anti-Islam populist, the massively increased Muslim influx into Europe during 2015 has seen Wilders adopt an increasingly anti-Muslim invader political platform.

quote-take-a-walk-down-the-street-and-see-where-this-is-going-you-no-longer-feel-like-you-are-living-in-geert-wilders-2783322-e1430293220257Just prior to the recent clash in Geldermalsen (which saw white protestors physically disrupt a local authority meeting which was planning the creation of an invader center in the town), Wilders had publicly called on the townsfolk to “resist” the camp’s establishment.

Following the violence—which shocked no one except the traitorous establishment parties in Holland—the far leftist deputy Prime Minister Lodewijk Asscher said that Wilders had “ignored the opportunity to condemn the violence in Geldermalsen.” 


He described Wilders (recently voted “politician of the year” by viewers of television program EenVandaag), as a “trader in fear.” Other far leftists made similar comments, all demanding of Wilders that he distance himself from the events in Geldermalsen.

The calls on him to publicly repudiate the anti-invasion activists increased after another incident in Pannerden, southeast of Arnhem, a few days later. In that case, fireworks were set off against a house occupied by Somali invaders. The perpetrators left behind a leaflet with a photograph of Wilders and the text “foreigners must go; this is just the beginning.”


Wilders was unrepentant, however, and took to Twitter to tell his opponents what he thought of them and their hysteria:

“Politicians and the press can drop dead. Distance yourself from your cowardice and betrayal of the Netherlands to Islam. Suckers.”

Recently, Wilders also warned the Turks,“You  are not welcome here, you will never become part of the EU.”


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    • I am an American and we are started to awaken to the Islam threat, but we have an ass for a President. The AMerican people Have Trump now and we are all awakening. I salute Wilders he is a patriot for his country & deserves fill support.

  1. grace, Please do not Ambassador John Bolton and LTC Ralph Peters – two strong advocates for Israel. Nor should we forget Senator Ted Cruz who stood before a small ground of so-called Arab conservatives at a conference on the Middle East who booed him for his pro-Israel comments, the Senator then told the audience: “If you will not stand with Israel, if you will not stand with the Jews, then I will not stand with you.”

  2. If only this would get into mainstream media. Wishful thinking I guess. Thank God he has the kahonas to speak up for truth and common sense, something dearly lacking in our traitorous leaders. We’ve all had enough and the battle has just begun. Geert, you are my hero.

    • Physical violence is the only way to deal with these low IQ savages.
      Cheers for Geert & the brave Dutch Nationalists. If only Americans
      would stand together & stop the islamization in each town & city. The
      Imams pay continual (visits) to mayor’s office & always attend council
      Meetings, ingratiating themselves into the Government. The Americans
      who challenge these muslims, are denigrated in media, & next thing, the
      Muslims are giving orders from city hall.
      I’m 100% with the Dutch Nationalists, you have to continue fighting or
      They’ll kill you. To the scared Americans: Drop Dead Suckers

    • Zionists are the enemies of ALL MANKIND. Please note I said ZIONISTS. This is NOT a catch-all phrase for the Jewish religion. The Talmud (Zionist religious text) is what the Qu’ran is ripped off from, with liberal sprinklings of the New Testament thrown in. Do your research. Who do you think are enabling the Muslim invasion of Western Civilization? The muslims are too dumb. The invasion is being funded by NGO’s, particularly those funded by SOROS. Muslims are being used to destroy Christianity. ISIS are funded by the US/West?Turkey/ISRAEL. This is a 100% FALSE FLAG Black ops under the CIA. THAT is 100% FACT. Ban me, whatever, the truth will ALWAYS come out, until Obama censors the internet and then we’ll take to the streets, wit pitchfork and rope.

      • There is only one truthful fact in your whole antisemitic tirade. Soros IS funding much of the Muslim invasion but he hasn’t been Jewish in decades. If you are Jewish, you are a Zionist. Period. Only far left fascist Jews claim otherwise and they are JINOS anyway.

        And yes, I am banning you because you are spreading Jew-hating conspiracy lies and propaganda you probably picked up from the Nazis at Stormfront.org.

        So, long, sucker.

  3. If I may interject something personal, I had the privilege of meeting Geert Wilders when he came to speak in Canada a few years ago. I can tell you that that was an incredible honour I will never forget.

  4. I’m an Atheist, but I sincerely hope Geert Wilders is successful in his campaign. He and Iceland’s Pirate Party’s stance against kow-towing to Islam’s censorship are the two beacons of light I see left in Europe.

    Now if only they’d start emulating America’s second Amendment. It might fix up things they way we’ve fixed up corrupt mayors when a hard line had to be drawn.

  5. Dickheads always claim their religion to be peaceful. I question on behalf of every infidel to them, “what sort of misery you muzzles are going through for ages that terrorism comes out only from your false bloody religion”? People of other faiths have problems too, why isn’t there anything of this magnitude from other religious groups? Extremism is seriously extreme in followers of Islam. Why? The answer is clear, Islam has a problem in its teachings…like it or not.

    BNI That’s not it, HAS any one noticed this. Muzzles claim their God has no physical form, then how come they always use “HE” for their God even in Quran? So it means their God is having a dick….fucking pedophile Allah and his messenger pig.

    And yes for the sake of humanity, don’t consolidate us Infidels with your quranic verse 5:32. You fucking liars always tell half of it. The beginning half is always neglected. Don’t forget in this age of technology everything is at fingertips.

    Geert! I am with you…curse these fucking balls…. Uncivilised predators. EU wake up, it’s still not late.

  6. Finally Someone with Brains to Stand up and try to stop them. They Hold up signs Like Shariah Law for the Netherlands…yet the government lets them in and do as they please! Why are they NOT protecting their own People??/ they allow these barbarians to rape ,destroy and kill . They have said they want to take over the world….What don’t our governments understand???

    I’m very happy my father taught me young to shoot, for i wouldn’t Hesitate to Use a bullet on some Stone age Barbarian!
    I’m female and here men, and fathers treat us Equal!

  7. I firmly believe Geert’s book “Marked For Death” is the most important resource ever written for understanding Islam for what it really is. It should be required reading for High school and university students alike.
    Geert is DA MAN!!!!

  8. Geert tells the truth and exposes the evil invasion plans of the muslum terrorist invaders who come disguised as ‘refugees’. Remember the history of the trojan horse because that is the same ruse that the monsters of islum are using against us.

  9. Bravo Geert, well said . turkey does not belong in the E U nor should they be part of n a t o ,the fact that they are a Moslem country should automatically disqualify them of being allies of freedom loving western countries.

  10. here in the Netherlands most people are mentally rotten, our streets are flooded with third world people of all stripes, not only muslims, also southamericans, africans, asians. Muslims are the most dangerous but the others are also a burden, I am shocked and disgusted by the things my grandchildren are taught at school, it’s satanic brainwashing, they are told that white people, christians and jews are evil and responsible of all bad things in history and dark skinned people are always good and always right. If I were younger I’d get the hell out of this country, here anyone lazy, criminal and evil is considered sacred as long as he comes from some third world sewer, the netherlands are rotten to the core, muslims and their cousins are laughing at us and we are numb and silent, this is disgusting.

    • Western people of Europe and Northern America should take a hard look at themselves, their countries and then at the children!! The legacy that will be left for their children and grand children will be disgusting to say the least!!

      The entire african continent (dark africa), india and its neighbours, china with its neighbours and the entire middle east are not only a burden on humanity, but a threat to the survival of Earth and humanity as a whole!!! These “people” have NO regards to rule or regulations, NO respect or any value for life. They will slaughter the very last rhino, eliphant, whale, dolphin, tiger, lion, etc for a quick buck! Look at the water and air pollution caused by these countries!! The strain they put on our planet cannot be sustained!!! India now has more people in it than the entire Europe, USA and Canada combined!!

      Yet our governments of the West still allow these barbarians and savages to enter our Western countries to out breed us here to!!! They fucked up their own contries and are now moving on to greener pastures like parisites to a new host!!

      Add the muslim invasion and all the threats it brings with it to the mix and we surely have a recipe for global extinction!!!!! This current generation will surely bring about the end of the world!!!!

  11. How would one define the word Courage? In two words: Geert Wilders.

    It is no surprise that he’s standing rock solid in this most recent battle. He has devoted his life to fighting this war, year in year out.

    He is a selfless defender of Western civilization, a tough and noble fighter, and a clarion voice of clarity and reason calling out over the madness, refusing to be silenced.

    God Bless you, Geert.

  12. How dare he speak the truth???? Such behaviour is totally unexceptable!!! Westerners are supposed to be tolerent and inviting to the muslim invation and should welcome beheadings, rape, gender discrimination, stoning to death, etc…

    How dare he be honest, outspoken against islam and muslims, not politically correct and NOT be a push over gutless Westerner like the rest!!!!

  13. G-D Bless Geert Wilders, and all that he stands for, regarding the people of The Netherlands. May they soon wake up and realize that he is on the side of their Nation, as it is constituted, rather than the “slash and burn” of the islamic ideology. He is SO correct in his statement, that “,,,the qur’an and islam mean violence”~!

    • He is Dutch, not Danish. You’d need to be voting in the Netherlands, not Denmark.

      Denmark can only wish they had someone like him, but Holger Dansk will have to awaken first.

  14. I love you Mr. Wilders. You are honest, smart, courageous, and well informed about the criminal evil system ISLAM.
    Please, keep educating and waking up those who enjoy sleeping with the enemy.

  15. WHEN will the Muzzie sympathizers tire of our opposition to them, and FINALLY decide to do some real research as to WHY we won’t budge? When I am posting on other sites, and run into a Westerner with the dreaded “We are all Brothers, under the skin” disease, I often end my discussion with them by adding “Someday, you will look back at your position on this topic, AND BE ASHAMED”.

    Now, for something completely different:
    Robert Spencer told us that In Islam, there are 2 ways to gain Paradise, if a Muslim is unsure of their good/bad deeds count. One was to become a suicide killer. The other was to become am immigrant, and spread the message of Islam.
    But, the majority of BOTH of those, who are suicide killers, AND immigrants hoards, are young.
    Wouldn’t you think that it would be old men, who are closer to death, and facing Judgement Day? But, you don’t see old Muslim men participating. WHY?
    Now, I do know that if any person, no matter what age, sacrifices themselves in the name of Islam and Allah, that their entire families gets a free pass to Paradise, also. So, are older Muslim men pressuring their sons and grandsons to die to save THEIR asses? (Just wondering.)

    • For most of them, nothing will move them short of a muslim attack in their own backyard, multiple muslim terror attacks across the country and the West, muslim gang rape of their daughter, or perhaps a biological and/or chemical attack.

  16. I LOVE this guy. May God keep him safe, healthy, courageous, speaking out, powerful and convincing many people for as long as need be!

    And all those that oppose him should hang on the gallows.

  17. I am grateful to Geert, Bare Naked Islam, Brigitte Gabrielle, Pat Condell, Eric Allen Bell, Larry Pickering and every other hero who speaks the truth and speaks out against islam and the take over of moslems in wrstern democracies. Keep spreading the word everyone. No more silence.