GERMAN town bans New Year’s Eve fireworks because they might be upsetting to Muslims

The German town of Arnsberg has banned the use of New Year fireworks around its Muslim migrant and so-called refugees shelters to avoid the bangs triggering traumatic flashbacks. (What’s next, banning of church bells to avoid triggering Sudden Jihad Syndrome against unbelievers?)


BBC (h/t John H)  Psychiatrists say the sounds of the fireworks could provoke extreme stress among those who have fled war zones. (Especially the ISIS terrorists embedded with the migrants?)

The town, in North Rhine-Westphalia, also banned sales to shelter residents. In other parts of the country, migrants have been notified about the likelihood of fireworks during the night.


Amateur firework displays are popular in Germany and small, hand-held rockets are often set off in residential areas. “Those who have fled war-torn areas associate the bangs more with gunshots and bombs than with New Year,” Christian Soebbeler, a spokesman for Arnsberg town, told newspaper Deutsche Welle.

Germany has accepted more refugees than any other European nation. More than one million new asylum-seekers registered in the country in 2015.

German town of 102 inhabitants forced to accept 750 alleged Syrian Muslim invaders posing as refugees: