ISLAM NEVER CHANGES: An Afghan Muslim woman falsely accused of burning a quran is brutally beaten, run over, dragged to her death and burned by a wild-eyed mob of Afghan religious savages

This took place in Kabul, capital of Afghanistan in 2015, despite the US spending 14 years and billions of taxpayer dollars in a futile attempt to civilize this Islamic hellhole.


The shrieking  mob of devout Muslims wanted to throw her in the river so the dogs could eat her but end up tossing her body onto the river’s edge, pelt her with rocks, and then set her body on fire, cheering “Allahu Akbar” and “Long live Islam.” Police do nothing. Just another fun day in the Muslim world.

Two days after her brutal murder, a court declared the woman innocent of burning the quran. No one was arrested, no one was jailed.

NY Times (h/t Doubt101)