RHODE ISLAND: Designated terrorist group CAIR spokesjihadist, Ibrahim ‘Dougie’ Hooper, demands federal hate crime charges against an inebriated man who verbally berated a Muslim clerk

2010-08-16-ABC-WNDS-HooperAccording to the arrest report, the suspect was filled with spirits, if not holiday spirit, admitting to police that he consumed “approximately 10 drinks” before leaving a restaurant, walking across Tower Hill Road and into Ravi Food Mart convenience store.


WSPA  The report states Giese began “flipping out” when the clerk could not help him hail a cab in the rural town. The clerk told police that Giese said “you should know where to find a cab because you are Muslim.” Surveillance video shows that the exchange deteriorated from there. As the clerk began to call the police, Giese exploded, saying:

“If you call the cops,” Giese said, “What I’m going to do to you, is stretch your tongue out on you, (expletive deleted) Muslim. You pieces of (expletive deleted) are going to die on my hand.”

Seconds later, Giese made more remarks about the clerk’s religion. “We don’t want Muslim stores in our neighborhood. No Muslim stores in our neighborhood,” Giese said.