STUPIDEST HEADLINE OF 2016: “Israel mystified by ‘motive’ in fatal Tel Aviv shooting” (by Muslim terrorist)

Reuters reports that Israeli security forces are combing central Tel Aviv for a fugitive suspect in a fatal shooting which killed two, with police declining to offer a motive for the attack.

UPDATE: Tel Aviv shooter is an Israeli Arab

Details are emerging about the identity of the terrorist who carried out Friday’s shooting attack in Tel Aviv. Police have identified a 29-year-old Israeli Arab from the northern town of Wadi Ara as the suspect in the shooting attack on the Simta Pub on Dizengoff Street. 

According to a report in Haaretz, the suspect stole the gun used in the attack from his father, who works in security. The father recognized his son from media reports and after learning his weapon was gone, contacted the authorities. 

Two people were killed in the attack and seven wounded, including two in serious condition. The wounded were evacuated to the Ichilov and Wolfson Hospitals.