GERMANY: Left wing ‘kumbaya’ media want you to think that the Muslim invasion of Europe is not a crisis at all

011-viWhere did they find these bleeding hearts? Germans in this video show none of the fear and loathing that most people have about this unwanted Muslim invasion, that has brought with it increased crime, rape, arson, & potential terrorism.

If you buy the propaganda in this video, Germans only concern is about the welfare of the Muslim invaders posing as refugees from all over the Middle East and N. Africa, making sure they have nice accommodations. Even more amusing, the English-speaking reporter managed to find a few Muslims who said they wanted to work, not just collect welfare like most of the economic opportunists and freeloaders that have been flooding Europe. This must be part of Angela Merkel’s campaign to ban any criticism of Muslim migrants and Islam. Heh.
This, despite the fact that a wordless song released by the anti-Islam group PEGIDA has knocked Adele off the top off the top of Amazon’s German downloads chart. The song, Gemeinsam sind wir stark! or Together We Are Strong!, is being sold to raise funds for the protest movement, short for Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamization of the Europe. As a result, uber-liberal Amazon decided that all profits from selling this song will go to a charitable organization for supporting Muslim refugees.”