MEDIA water carriers for Democrats promote alleged al-Shabaab video featuring Trump, while ignoring all the other terrorist recruiting videos which featured Obama, Clinton, and Bush


If what Donald Trump said about temporarily banning Muslim immigration into America actually caused Muslims to hate America more, they wouldn’t keep coming here, legally and illegally. We ARE at war with Islam because Muslims started it. Keeping them out of America WOULD make America safer.

Breitbart (h/t Mike F) The mainstream media is using a recent recruitment video released by the Somalian terrorist group Al-Shabaab that features Donald Trump as their latest weapon to smear the Republican presidential primary front-runner.


However, those same outlets failed to mention that prior recruitment videos by Al-Qaeda, Al-Shabaab and ISIS have prominently featured President Barack Obama, as well as Bill Clinton and George W Bush. Rather than providing factual and balanced coverage, the in-the-tank media can be counted on to leave significant information out of their stories. It’s not journalism. It’s the policy of personal character assassination, that the left wing media does so well.

Below are screen shots from terrorist recruiting videos using Obama, Clinton, and Bush.




Breitbart News has copies of previous videos released by both ISIS and Al-Shabaab. In those videos, which are excerpted above, Barack Obama is featured as a way to recruit anti-American jihadists for the Al-Qaeda affiliated group. The video also features British Prime Minister David Cameron.

The is still the question of whether or not Al-Shabaab actually made the current video or if the Clinton campaign did.