Shhhh, don’t tell anyone but the growing anti-Muslim invader backlash has German leaders in a state of panic

Screen-Shot-2015-11-14-at-12.13.02-PM-300x183Angela Merkel’s relentless dumping in the EU of hundreds of thousands of unscreened Muslim illegals and potential Islamic jihadists from Syria and other Middle Eastern and North African countries, has caused a not-unexpected surge in anti-Muslim blowback.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel
German Chancellor Angela Merkel

New Observer  The growing German patriotic defense against the Angela Merkel-created Third World invasion of Europe has the establishment panicked, with the head of Germany’s federal police saying that attacks on invader centers reached “alarming proportions” during 2015.

In one of the more recent incidents, an incendiary device detonated in a planned invader center in Marktoberdorf, Bavaria, local media reported. Marktoberdorf is better known for its locality to the world-famous Neuschwanstein castle.


According to the reports, the device started a fire on the front façade of the invader center, and the damage inflicted amounted to several thousand euros. At least ninety Muslim invaders were set to inhabit the housing complex by the end of January.

In another incident in the town of Guben, located on the German border with Poland, a large group of masked men physically attacked an occupied invader center, hurling rocks and other objects at windows and onto the roof.

The invaders, whose number includes a large number of sub-Saharan Africans who have absolutely no claim to asylum in Europe, and are clearly there just to take advantage of European liberalism, stayed indoors during the attack.


The crowd of patriots then moved on to a second house in a neighboring street being used to house dozens of Middle Eastern invaders pretending to be “Syrians,” and smashed out further window panes.

According to an end-of-year report issued by the head of the Federal Criminal Investigation Office (BKA), the attacks on invader centers have reached “alarming proportions.”

BKA chief Holger Münch said that the number of attacks on invader centers “continues to rise. Since the beginning of the year, police have recorded 875 such crimes,” he said.


“In 783 cases, it is clear that the attacks were carried out by highly motivated perpetrators,” Münch continued. “In a further 92 cases, a political motivation cannot be safely ruled out.”

He said that most of the attacks caused property damage (314 cases), and that a “thirteen-fold increase in arson attacks have increased over the previous year.”

Münch expressed his concern that the “right wing” are “exploiting the fears and concerns of the population over the refugee crisis, contributing to a further radicalization toward asylum seekers, foreigners, and Muslims.”