After a 3-year moratorium imposed by ousted president Morsi, Egypt once again has an ambassador in Israel

Netanyahu-al-sisiEgypt has just reinstated its ambassador to Israel after a three-year break in relations that began when former Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi pulled its ambassador out of Israel. Egypt has been working closely with Israel in its campaign against Islamic militants in the Sinai peninsula and Gaza.


Sputnik News  The previous ambassador was removed in 2012 by Egypt’s then-President Muhammad Morsi, who took power after protests which brought down long-time leader Hosni Mubarak. Morsi removed the Egyptian ambassador in protest of an Israeli military offensive in the Gaza Strip.

“Ambassador Hazem Khairat landed in Israel last week and will take the position of the head the Egyptian Embassy in Tel Aviv,” Aretz Sheva reported.


Morsi was himself ousted in 2013 amid nationwide protests against his Islamist policies. Since Morsi’s ousting, Egypt has maintained tense relations with the Gaza Strip, which is controlled by the Islamist group Hamas, which had been politically allied with Morsi.

The smuggling of weapons across the border between Egypt and Gaza is seen as a security issue by both Egypt and Israel. Egypt has been conducting a military campaign against Islamist militants in the Sinai peninsula, adjacent to Israel, since 2013.

Egypt and Jordan remain the only Arab countries to have officially recognized Israel.

Kicking the Muslim Brotherhood out of Egypt for good
Kicking the Muslim Brotherhood out of Egypt for good