EU media must think they can fool everyone by not saying it was ‘Muslims’ who carried out mass sex attacks on German women New Year’s Eve

0Swarms of  foreign ‘nonwhite’ (MUSLIM) migrants went on a rampage of mass sex attacks on German women in multiple cities, including Hamburg and Stuttgart, repeating the violent pattern that was set forth by the 1,000-strong Muslim mob in Cologne.

New Observer  They call them “non-white refugees,” “young foreigners,” “North Africans,” “Arabic-looking,” instead of what they are – MUSLIMS and what their behavior represents – ISLAM. 


Violence resulting from the 1,000-strong nonwhite mass sex attack in Cologne on New Year’s Eve forced the closure of the Cologne suburban rail network, overwhelmed and “terrified” the police, and included knife fights between North and sub-Saharan Africans.

The mobs moved through the city center “like an army” in search of German women to assault, and were ultra-aggressive to anyone who offered resistance.


The Bild newspaper in Germany—one of the foremost media promoters of the “refugee” invasion of Germany—today admitted that “groups of young foreigners (probably North Africans)” occurred around midnight on the Hans-Albers-Platz and Grosse Freiheit cross street.

The Bild said the attack “was just like the attack at the Cologne central station” and titled their article Sex-packs go women-hunting in Hamburg” (Sex-Meute auf  Frauen-Jagd in Hamburg).


The Bild said that the “North Africans banded together in groups, harassed young women verbally calling them ‘bitch,’ and shouting ‘Fikki Fikki.’ Then the victims were cornered, robbed, and sexually assaulted, the Bild continued. “The women were sexually assaulted on the breasts and in the groin area.”

Victim of Muslim rape gangs
German victim of Muslim rape gangs

According to the article, mobile phones and wallets were stolen. Police confirmed that all the victims were girls aged between 18 and 24 years old. Others avoided the mass attacks by “fleeing in panic to the bouncers outside party clubs and pubs.”

A 17-year-old named Denise told the Bild that “the girls were chased like cattle. I am stunned that such a thing is even possible in Hamburg. I am now afraid to even go into the neighborhood.”

Be careful what you wish for, ladies
Be careful what you wish for, ladies

Other women posted up accounts on social media about how the nonwhite invader “refugees” had grabbed them under their skirts in the street. If they resisted, their arms were grabbed and they were threatened. The attacks took place in many other streets of Hamburg as well, the Bild concluded.



Media Conspiracy over Cologne Mass Sex Attack