EXCELLENT! Cargill not backing down on decision to fire 200 Somali Muslim employees who demanded excessive time off for prayer during work hours

200 Muslim employees who were fired from the Fort Morgan Cargill plant Dec. 23 after they claimed its management was no longer allowing them to take time off several times a day to pray in the workplace.

20160105__06FTCargill~1Fort Morgan Times  Since the employees were fired, the second shift at the Fort Morgan plant has been operating at a significantly reduced capacity, and the company has put up “now hiring” signs all over town.

Cargill representatives have consistently denied changing any policies regarding religious accommodation. The Somali workers say they aren’t sure who ordered the reported ban on prayer, though Ibrahim said it occurred after the plant hired a new second shift manager.


Muslim workers at the plant say they have always taken five- to 10-minute breaks during their shift for afternoon prayers. (But it’s not 5 – 10 minutes, it’s always more like 15-20 minutes because of the ritual washing they perform before they pray)

Most of the Muslim workers would be willing to come back to Cargill if they were sure they’d be allowed time off (WITH pay) for prayer breaks. Islam requires its followers to pray at six specific times throughout the day. (SIX? When did they raise it from five?)


While the conflict has attracted attention from national news media, Ducaale said some Somalis feel it is the latest example of how their religious needs are ignored in Fort Morgan itself. “We are part of this city,” he said. “We are contributing to the economy, we want to be here. (Maybe some are, but more of them are living on welfare than are working) There is some kind of silence that all of us feel.” (Silence? Americans hate you. Period)


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