EXCELLENT! Cargill not backing down on decision to fire 200 Somali Muslim employees who demanded excessive time off for prayer during work hours

200 Muslim employees who were fired from the Fort Morgan Cargill plant Dec. 23 after they claimed its management was no longer allowing them to take time off several times a day to pray in the workplace.

20160105__06FTCargill~1Fort Morgan Times  Since the employees were fired, the second shift at the Fort Morgan plant has been operating at a significantly reduced capacity, and the company has put up “now hiring” signs all over town.

Cargill representatives have consistently denied changing any policies regarding religious accommodation. The Somali workers say they aren’t sure who ordered the reported ban on prayer, though Ibrahim said it occurred after the plant hired a new second shift manager.


Muslim workers at the plant say they have always taken five- to 10-minute breaks during their shift for afternoon prayers. (But it’s not 5 – 10 minutes, it’s always more like 15-20 minutes because of the ritual washing they perform before they pray)

Most of the Muslim workers would be willing to come back to Cargill if they were sure they’d be allowed time off (WITH pay) for prayer breaks. Islam requires its followers to pray at six specific times throughout the day. (SIX? When did they raise it from five?)


While the conflict has attracted attention from national news media, Ducaale said some Somalis feel it is the latest example of how their religious needs are ignored in Fort Morgan itself. “We are part of this city,” he said. “We are contributing to the economy, we want to be here. (Maybe some are, but more of them are living on welfare than are working) There is some kind of silence that all of us feel.” (Silence? Americans hate you. Period)


More reasons why you should NEVER HIRE A MUSLIM






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  1. I have 3 Somali Muslim workers under my employ. One I have known for 3 years and is a decent enough guy.though he does occassionaly have an arrogant moment.but overall a decent guy.the other two are just plain mean.they are stand of fish and don’t mingle with other employees who are not Muslim. I have Buddhists, Christian and Jewish.all who get along like a family. I really don’t know what they think but I don’t care what their religion is.i only care how people act. I’ve found Muslims to not act nice.

  2. Lmf@sso Good Job Hopefully You Deport Them All Back To Wherever The Hell They Came from As Well…

  3. the time is long overdue to end this nonsense, this ungrateful bunchwants the cross removed from the swiss flag, no octoberfest in Germany, this what happens when a collection left wings academics are calling the shots. ever notice anyone defending this nonsense is either on a school board or at a university if not stopped left wing academics will destroy the western world

  4. Good for you. If there is so much freedom and having to allow this then we don’t we have a right to have catholic schools in Canada now? Why is my Christian religious beliefs being taught at my daughters school? Where is our rights? Last time I checked I have rights too.

  5. Your there to work….you signed a contract with paid breaks- 2 coffee breaks and for lunch… You don’t like it go back to your country…you came to their country…why should they accommodate you for your religion and beliefs… practice your religion on your own time… Doors always open…if you don’t like it… There’s always someone to take your place…

  6. Lets remember these people were NOT terminated for their religion..
    They were terminated for not reporting to work. Companies all over have policy regarding this! Sorry all but its voluntary twrmination if you no call no show for 2 days at Cargill.

  7. Cargill, I admire you for your stand on this situation. I do hope you stay strong in your decision not to honor the muslim request.

    • It would be sweet if they would and could go back to their dung hill, but they didsn’t COME here. They were BROUGHT here by our little, pencil necked, muslim president as “refugees” !
      Let’s send him back along with them !

  8. Wow, you guys all sound like a fine bunch of Americans. I bet our founding fathers, who fought for freedom of religion, and Jesus, who taught us to love and be kind, would be proud. The statementa in the article aren’t even true. The Somalians weren’t fired, they quit, and the plant is begging to have them back. Get your facts straight and educate yourselves. You should all be ashamed.

    • Elmployee-employer rlationships 101. If you walk off the job, then you have resigned. That has nothing to do with religion.

    • Cargil is NOT begging them to come back, some of the people came back and then were fired after their request to be paid to do NOTHING was denied. Companies can NOT afford to have dead beat people on staff stealing from them – and not working while still on company time IS THEFT!

    • I am not ashamed as you seem to think we should all be. I am opposed to halal meat and most of it is bought by Muslims, so they are my enemy.
      If they can be deprived of jobs when they try to change our laws for their prayer howling cruelty, I am delighted.
      Your support of Muslims makes you a barbaric, uncivilised person, whereas we are campaigning for a more and more civilised world.
      Shame on you for giving in to your primitive needs.

  9. we had to take our reoigion out of schools because of these people. Our children are not allowed to pray to God during schools hours. What makes these people special? They should get up off their lazy asses and do their job. They sure as heck wouldn’t get paid by me. Good for Cargill for standing up for themselves.

  10. Last time i checked, i was hired to do a job, not pray. If your religion requires you to pray 5 or six times a day, get a f###ing night job. This is america. We do things different here. adapt to our culture or go home. its that simple. And it also said most of them are on welfare on top of making a decent hourly wage. We cant even help our homeless, our vets, or even people that lose everything to fire or flood, but these people are scamming the gov. for assistance. 600 a week is a pretty nice check. i dont make 2400. a month. i dont ask for welfare.

  11. i think its good cargill is doing the right thing if they want to work they should make sacrafices if its going wth out prayer or taking the time without pay

  12. You must pray on own time, just like any other American!! How do you Muslims expect to gain the power of prayer time in the middle of the work period? Stop the creation of entitlement for yourself when you have came into are country’s job system and expect it to be catering to you all. GET THE CLUE, BORN AMERICAN PEOPLE WHO WORK FOR FINICAL SECURITY AND YOU MUSLIM GRAB UP THE JOBS AND EXSPCET TO BE PAID ON YOUR SHIFT. An what would you Muslims in your own country allow us American people on your soil and in your country then press are religious beliefs and need of prayer time paid for. FUCK OUT OF HERE!! GO BACK HOME WHERE REMEMBER YOU ALL ARE ROYALTY!! RIGHT? KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK CARGILL

  13. If this Cargill plant is a meat processing plant, just change the production line on second shift to pack pork rinds, beans & bacon, and other pork sorts. Then all “abiding” Muslims must resign!

  14. If we want to be fair with all denominations , then any Christian should be given , what works out to roughly 3 hours to Pray , with pay on every shift ..It would not be long until we will want to Pray at home and just work for 5 hours , with 8 hrs. pay

      • Actually, while yes, Christians are indeed supposed to pray without CEASING, they’re also capable of praying WHILE WORKING at other things!! Even the most devout of monks (e.g., at Mount Athos) do exactly that.

        [NB, “cease” and “seize” are two different things: “cease” is a synonym for “stop” (e.g., cease doing something), while “seize” analogously relates to “grab” (e.g., seizing a loose rugby-football).]

        • Ah, dear Bonni:

          Please don’t hesitate to delete my posting immediately prior to this one: it’s no longer necessary – aside from the part about that Christians are capable of praying unceasingly while working likewise without stopping.

          Happy New Year, rich with God’s Grace and Blessings!!! Thank you so very, very much indeed for bearing with me…

    • I say good for Cargill. You are paid for 2 15 min breaks and a lunch. I don’t care about what religion one is, but work is work. Smokers are told to smoke during their break —- outside usually. If it were Christians demanding what the bible says for prayer, they would not get any work done, because the bible says to pray without Ceasing.

  15. Well this is America, and it’s a work place not a church. Why do thing need to be arranged different for just u. Go back to were u belong

  16. Give a sigh of relief, Cargill employees. You have got your work environment back. No more unfairness, no more treading on eggshells to avoid offending work dodgers. No more whining complaints over nothing.
    Sounds like a miracle to me. 😊

  17. Why hire them in the first place. Can’t believe no one else needs jobs and if not what a sad state our country is in. Of course in Minnesota they are so liberal you don’t need to work.

  18. Those who refuse to assimilate into a culture cannot be allowed to have residency or citizenship. Period. There are massive enclaves of these people in Europe; they have no intention of ever becoming European. They are there to spread their ideology and grow it at everyone else’s expense through the welfare state. The same is true here; we have a large and growing population of La Raza folks along with a fair number of small but rapidly growing enclaves of various sorts, including radical Muslims, in America too. Sorry, but no; this is how you wind up with terrorists or worse, a civil war. Immigration made America great but those immigrants, including my ancestors, came here to be American, not some hyphenated collage. We coddle and promote this with our welfare state and so does all of Europe, and it must stop now. Come here to America if you wish to be American and do not expect us to cover your cost of living which, I will remind you, is materially higher than in those “third world” ****holes that these people come from. Yes, it’s hard — go ask the old folks who came here as immigrants before the handout state existed (they’re dying of old age rapidly, but a few are still around.) In the context of Muslims there is one point that any person must concede if they wish to be a permanent resident or citizen: Our Constitution is and shall remain the Supreme Law of the land and any attempt to supplant or replace it with anything else, including but not limited to laws that conform with “Sharia”, is a direct violation of the oath required to be a citizen never mind that taken by every member of the military.

    • Do not Christians spread their ideology? Have not Christians killed those who would not convert or did not believe exactly what the Church wanted them to believe (think Inquisition)? When did we Americans become such assholes?

      • Why is it that whenever some cannot debate a point that reflects the 21st century in their support of islam and all the concessions they demand (and sub human behaviours) that they hark back to some far off time in history to try to bring Christianity into the equation to try to draw comparisons. This is the 21st Century and unlike islam most religions (not that islam is a religion but an ideology) have had reformations and are civilised. The same cannot be said about islam and the majority of followers of the ideology.

      • Steven Hartlip, How long has it been since the Inquisition? Do you know anyone who suffered in that time? The world changes. Life goes on. I have no intention of being accused of being evil because of anything done back then. These people want to hang onto a time before civilization, actually in the 600’s, and they expect us to change what we do so they can keep doing something that might have been reasonable back then, but is not reasonable in today’s world.

      • Hey asshole. Blacks captured, enslaved then sold other blacks during the slave trade of America…….but that was a long time ago. And in no way would it justify that same behavior today, If it does not pertain to today’s issue, there is no place for it in today’s discussion.

  19. I see all this support for Cargill, all this hatred for the workers… but does anyone remember HOW a group of SOMALI MUSLIMS got dropped into the middle of nowhere in the first place? Chasing cheaper employees will always come back to bite you in the butt, especially when you import them. Before this, I had a friend who tried to get a job at this plant, and only ONE person in HR and on his shift spoke English… and then they were too expensive, so Cargill brought in something like 2k Muslim workers into a rural town and just expected things to go well. There was even an honor killing. They are lucky that ALL OF THAT hasn’t hit the press yet. I support their decision NOT TO REHIRE, but they shouldn’t have IMPORTED in the first place! You can’t even go to stores in the area without feeling like you need a police escort!

  20. They should ask forgiveness from Allah for missing the prayer. Religions are forgiving, right? Sue Alllah for not allowing you the freedom to not be allowed to miss prayers!

  21. our respect and salute to authorities who did not submit .They must learn when they are here they must follow the law, law will nit follow them.

  22. I work at this plant I’ve only denied them prayer time while I was busy sending one to pray…they all want to go at the same time mind you I don’t get paid extra to do my job and theirs in the 5-10 mins which actually is 20mins because they also have used that time to eat be on the phone and visit with friends… Of course none of that is in the media only that they were supposedly denied prayer time…I work second shift we are short handed but better off without them!

  23. Of course these scum sucking pigs have disabled the comment feature on their You Tube video.


    CAIR is a U.S. outpost of international jihadism. It is an enemy propaganda organization posing as a Muslim civil rights group. It performs the same function as the Nazi-created German-American Bund in the years leading up to America’s entry into World War Two and the Communist Party USA during the Cold War. (CPUSA members were required to swear allegiance to Moscow.) Such groups propagandize on behalf of hostile foreign powers, winning some converts and neutralizing opposition. Matthew Vadum.

    Muslim Mafia: Inside the Secret Underworld, (CAIR and the Muslim Brotherhood), That’s Conspiring to Islamize America by Gaubatz and Sperry.

    Is CAIR a Terror Group? by Daniel Pipes (National Review Online)

    •”CAIR is a terrorist supporting front organization that is partially funded by terrorists”;
    •”CAIR … is supported by terrorist supporting individuals, groups and countries”;
    •”CAIR has proven links to, and was founded by, Islamic terrorists”; and
    •”CAIR actively supports terrorists and terrorist supporting groups and nations.”

    • Larry, I removed your laundry list of links because people here already know all about CAIR. Check the Categories section in the sidebar for “CAIR NAZIS.” Probably more than 1,000 posts on it.

      • Unbelievable. Actually there are a LOT of people that don’t know about CAIR. I don’t post these for people like you and me. I post these for people happening on to websites like this, maybe for the first time. Maybe you should try reading palms.

  24. The line of men kneeling on the blue carpet with the funny hats on, in the picture above, may be in a marble race wherein they can only use their nose to push the marble to the finish line!
    Anybody remember “Black Hawk Down” where these people drug the dead bodies of our soldiers on a parade thru their town?!! How dare they. The world should once again and will again FEAR the US of A!!
    My advice to them is asimilate Brother or get the hell out of Dodge!!

  25. moslems listened to CAIR and thought they would put the employer over a barrel. They got fired and now cair is trying to make it lookj like the company was wrong.When will moslems learn that blackmail does not work, and listening to cair will get you fired.

    • No other job lets employees off to do anything several times a day . you get PAID to work not pray . Praying is done on your own time not the employers time

        • If they want this country to be like theirs, they should go back to their country where they obviously had it so good. This is our country with our religions and practices. We don’t go to their country and force or views on them and want them to change for us.

        • To “Kris”:

          You’re completely right when you write that Moslems should go back to where they came from. The BIG trouble is that Moslems think that – merely because their FALSE “prophet” Mohammed told them so – they are superior to everybody else worldwide and that ALL other cultures, civilisations, political systems must DIE. Part of their “life-mission” is to force Islam down the throats of everybody else and make it the ONLY socio-political-economic system on earth (together with its religious VENEER) – and as part thereof, to colonise the ENTIRE earth for their ultra-SATANIC ideology!!!

          Their IDOL and leader Mohammed in that way declared a WAR to the death upon everything and everybody “un-Islamic” those 1,400 years ago. In other words, they have forced the sword into our hands!!!

          If we “filthy, stupid infidels” are to preserve ourselves, our values, beliefs, cultures and civilisations (be one Oriental, Amerindian, Western, &c.) we MUST fight back – especially given that our “governments” have turned against us thanks to their being totally riddled with Marxists (who are STRONG allies of the Mohammedans) who hate us and want this entire world to be denuded of as much a 90% of Mankind!!!

          I could go on and on, but sometimes “less is more”, truly…

  26. Bullcrap, they should pray during their 10/15 min breaks or at lunchtime, should not be allowed to demand extra time to pray an our GOV should back Cargill 100 per along with all our people of America! This Country is going to hell in a handbag because of so many having smpathy for all these foreigners an illegal’s ! We have to take America back, stand up people ! Write an demand changes from all GOV leaders I’m behind Cargill 100 per , fire their asses!!

  27. All Muslims must be deported back to their country otherwise all of our business will be nonproductive. /be like other people and talk to God all day long while you are working you can have a great relationship with God Jesus Christ.We need to throw those goat humping rapist , murders ,lying thief’s out of this country now

  28. I worked for Cargill for many years, I am a Christian and i believe in going to Church on Sunday. But my job required that I work on Sunday, so i had the choice of working or leaving, It was a good job so i stayed and worked. i went to church when I was not working. Making a living for my family was important to me.

    • Why even allow them the time to take 6 -15 minute breaks… paid or not? There are people willing to work 8 hour shifts and pray afterwards… or pray while they work! People don’t get paid to go smoke a cigarette… maybe they are praying while they smoke! Let’s not make exceptions for these Morons!! Either comply or goodbye!

  29. There are many Muslim countries in the world that abide by Islamic customs and traditions. The reason why Muslims want to move to non Muslim countries is quite simply to repopulate and thus spread Islam around the world. That’s also why Barack Hussein Obama is insistent on bringing in and resettling tens of thousands of Muslim refugees into the United States rather than assist on helping them move to Muslim countries that speak Arabic and have Muslim customs and laws. It’s part of his plan to ‘Fundamentally transform the country’.

  30. For many years i was not allowed to get off on sunday for. Hurch i found time for my prayer and worship it’s not right as adults we have to make hard choices if we want to feed ourfamily than you work. As an adult and parent you have to make decisions. It is not fair they are allowed that much time for prayer and prayer doesn’t belong in the workplace.PERIOD go back to your own countries if you don’t care for our way of life. Leave please do

  31. I despise these dirty pigs… Yeah. That’s right I called them pigs. Seems to coincide nicely with their revulsion of bacon… Bwwwaaahahahaha

    • Please do not classify theses scums of the earth as pigs, a pig is an animal and therefore they are worth more then the wasted piece of skin that this discussion is about

  32. Going over some posts I was too tired to read last night. And, Bonni, I promise I won’t mention “pigs”. 🙂 The sign read, “starting rate $14.20+ an hour”. I wonder how many of the 90 + MILLION UNEMPLOYED AMERICANS would jump at the chance to work there?!!!! AND, NOT expect Cargill to give them PAID time OFF and a SPECIAL area to do their F-ING “prayers” to THEIR “god”, who tells them it’s O.K. to KILL people who don’t believe as they do!!!!

  33. Hire them back, let them pray, AFTER they clock out and pray on their own time. 20 minutes per prayer 6 times a day, that’s 2 hours.. times 200 employees that’s 400 man hours per day lost. Not to mention lost productivity.
    Significant to say the least.

  34. Why isn’t this discussed during the interview? Why do they come here? They know how life is here. If we go to Muslim territory, they will NOT MAKE ONE ACCOMODATION for Christians.

  35. Not sure if Cargill gives productivity bonuses. I worked in a large Warehouse about 10 years ago where even Temps were given $50.00 productivity bonuses (we had no muslims). With the inherent laziness and total disconnect from nature of all muslims – none of them would ever get a bonus. N.I. needs to check Alaskan homestead laws +. ~ Death to islamists !

  36. Any Higher Being who allegedly created the world would be scientific and not expect followers to grovel out of a superstitious belief that it is necessary in order to get ‘his’ help and approval.
    When Muslims pray they cross their hands in the same manner as an elderly, feeble person or a paralysed person. Check it out!
    If these pious people are using these hand movements to pray then they are subconsciously identifying with those who are too old or disabled to attack life in a vigorous manner and that could be the reason they do not create anything or get anywhere in life. They are born to be apathetic and the prayer rituals have been made up by elderly, feeble men.
    We must resist having the whims of a ‘God’ forced upon us and that includes avoid killing animals in a way that ensures their last hours are agonising.

  37. They is no obligation what so ever for companies to allow Moslems to pray as it is not compulsory to pray 5 times in the western world. They can catch up on prayers at home no problems. Hope the lawyers use this piece of truth and make other companies see the light.

  38. Yea! This is great because Cargill will have the bucks to hire topnotch attorneys making it much more likely a precedent will be set that favours business versus the filthy scum muslims who are trying to destroy American business – and America – with their bogus lawsuits. Just hope they get a decent judge.

  39. I’m sure the Muslims set this up carefully in advance and now are threatening to kill any new workers who show up. And of course the massive lawsuit. I really hope the USA will not stoop to letting fascists destroy a USA company right in front of our eyes.

  40. All support for Cargill. Stand up to the lazy monster muslum ‘free loaders’. If you cave then you, Cargill deserve every thing that the muslums will do to destroy your company with undeserved perks, more prayer times and so on. ‘Never hire a muslum’.

    • can anyone be surprised to see the countries these people come from are poverty stricken overpopulated sewers, I knew someone years ago who let out a few condos he had to Canada housing who put Somalis in , he went to look and they were not using the tolilets and had kids living there

  41. Why in hell are muslims allowed anywhere near our food?

    Surely it is known by now that muslims have a quaint habit of peeing in food served to kuffar; in Merry England two years ago there was a well publicized case where feces were found in food served to English people, and here in a comment from an English commenter on BNI also two years ago, food sold to the English from a muslim restaurant contained human semen.

    NOTHING is too low for muslims.

  42. What kind of pathetic fake god needs pathetic kowtowing followers five times a day? Is this god actually a spoiled pet cat or dog that needs constant attention or he will rip up the furnature?

    And why do these ignorant hypocrites who claim they are against idolatry prostrate towards a black stone cube idol of the same variety of stone cube idols that pre-Islamic pagans used to prostrate toward? Not only do they worship an idol, al Kaaba (“the cube”), it is the idol of the demonic and bloodthirsty al lah (“the god”).

    Muslims are no different than the Thuggee cult of India which is where the term “Thug” comes from.


    Notice all the similarities between Thugee and Islam. Also from Wikipedia: “Thuggee consider themselves to be children of Kali, created out of her sweat. This particular point is also one of the clear disconnects in the story built on the Thuggees. While only Hindus worship Kali, a large number of the Thuggees captured and convicted by the British were Muslims.”

  43. They feel their religious needs are bing ignored…your in America, don’t like it..go back to where Your religion meets your needs.. So glad they aren’t bending over for them. Nebraska, Wyoming, and colorado are being filled with these muslims. We need them why???

  44. Let’s see, 10 minutes for 5X a day is 50 minutes. For 15 minutes each time, is 75 minutes (1 hour and 15 minutes). And for 20 minutes each time, is 100 minutes (1 hour and 40 minutes).
    And 6X a day is, 10 minutes is 60 minutes (1 hour). For 15 minutes each time, is 90 minutes (1 hour and 30 minutes). And for 20 minutes each time, is 120 minutes (2 hours) a day.

    So, out of an 8 hour shift – they expect to take off up to 2 hours to pray?????

    • Muslims don’t want non Muslims to know but all prayers that are missed can be ” made up”…
      ( I am not going to go,into whay a “God” requires the same specific words to be repeated to him accompanied by a “washing” ritual as well as ritualized movements of the body while those words are recited. And why those “words” can be made up if they are missed because of a job etc or why the God will not hear those words, that the prayer is invalidated if a woman or a dog walk in front of the person reciting the prayer words, or if any of the ritualized soecific movements of the body are omitted or done incorrectly, or if any of the ritualized washing is done incorrectly or not done at all or if the person reciting the prayer words or if certain things happen to invalidate the ritual washing like bleeding, vomiting, emissions of urine, feces or semen. ( yep, all this is all written down in gagging detain in the Hadiths) seems like an God obsessed with control, controlling just about every aspect of a believers life……..

      The Koran says several times that Allah does not want to make their “religion” difficult or hard, so prayers can be made up, fasting can be made up, everything has a loophole, except as regards reforming Islam in any way. That is locked up tight.

      • More to that:

        What happens in somalia, or any other sheep-shagging (HT to mohamed elmasry) shit-hole, WHEN they have a govenment? Does the whole imbecilic ‘country’ stop dead for 15 minutes several times a day? They do have cops, including traffic controllers, and air traffic controllers. Do the pilots and ATCs all just roll out their prayer mats?


        So what’s special about these supremacists?


    • If your religion keeps you that occupied ,you have no time for a full time job…so get a part time job that fits your schedule …what is so very hard about that? Problem solved

  45. what Ft M0rgan needsis lots is Texas Wild Pigs running thru the area
    like it used to have 60 years ago .

      • We are being pushes in to haveing to change our laws to suite Muslim beliefs where are our rights go to there country. And start screaming you want them to change their laws to suite you see what happens ,dam where does it end send them home close the borders. Before the U.S. And Canada are. Totally ruined got help us our. Government has to get it head out of there butt. There demands are crazy do not like our laws free to go home we will help you pack

  46. ” Islam requires its followers to pray at six specific times throughout the day.”
    “(SIX? When did they raise it from five?)”

    When they realised that the infidels would begrudgingly allow them to get away with 5.

  47. Well, one could always quip that they’re Somali, so five wasn’t enough…. But really folks, WHY should ANY company have to PAY anybody from ANY religion to take time off to pray? You want to pray? Fine. On your time, your pay. Can’t do the job right because you have to take too much time praying? Fine, go somewhere else and work where it’s not a problem.

    You know my religion says I should have to share a country with Muslims. You think the Obama Department of Injustice will help me with my religious convictions?

  48. My father was born and raised in Fort Morgan. Generations of my family came from there. I don’t think I will be going there any time soon.

  49. Back to this story, these muslims lived in a DESERT!!! They prayed up to 20 times a day out of hunger or too much wealth. They are litteraly disconnected from nature. For them, nature is just a dump. Bringing their habits with them will destroy soil fertility.That doesn’t suit well!

  50. I have to say I became anti-social for REAL!!! I want to live in Siberia, no leaders, no taxes, manage yourself. I hate society for what it has become! It distroyed forests and claimed property over all lands, animals and plants. I bet in Russia isn’t such fuss of property and money like in stinking US. The Russians have almost eradicated the notion of poverty in the meaning of not having money and house to live. In US they live in sewages, in Russia you can always try to live in a forest in Syberia and build a hunting cabin*(tax free). Putting it like this, I have to say Romania is closer Russia rather than US.

      • The family, how do you disconnect from a already impoverished family, when you live with your parents and brothers in the same house being the youngest 25.Many decisions as there are many hard things to do and to avoid dangerous situations. For example, how would you live until you build the hunting cabin. How do you find food in wilderness, are you going to be isolated from comunity? Just as I said, there are people who simply don’t want to contribute to a system who funds the so called impoverished countries and people which in fact is a lie. Taxes were historically imposed by leaders who funded war not peace! Just remember that when taxes rise up inexplicably and poverty hasn’t been eradicated and what is more is your government starts using the money on cars, hotels, trips while the rest people are at the brink of poverty struggling to pay bills!

        • Are you a USA citizen..you do not sound like it…If Russia is such a great place to live ,,why are so many Russians coming here to live ??Why are so many people from all walk of life from all over the globe wanting to come here to live ??Li is the current administration and the senate and congress that is trying to make us as pathetic as other countries, third world or not.If you are an American cigtizen and you really believe in what you say…them simply leave..I love our country and its wonderful citizens..I do not have a whole lot of love for our idiot politicians or our government..but we do have the most beautiful country on earth..that beauty emanates from the hart and soul of …we -the -people.of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA…The most giving and caring people on earth…AMERICA—LOVE IT -OR LEAVE IT..IT is that simple..I just finished getting up 3000 lbs of food for a church food bank ..for people who have very little to eat..how about you..what have you done for people who have nothing..hmmmmm….BONNIE..THANK YOU FOR ALL THAT YOU DO..HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU AND YOURS …mike b

    • Yes, in Russia they have eliminated poverty because now everyone is penniless and broke.

      You could try to live in the forest in Siberia in the two week long summer, the Siberian locals including tiger’s, wolves & bears are always looking to welcome visitors to their areas.

      I suggest you get with the plan and steal some cash and buy a fake Syrian passport and the exciting world of welfare and country shopping awaits you.

      Memorise this to chant at each policeman or government official you meet…Where do we want!…Germany…When do we want….NOW!


      You give me house! You give me car! You give me money! You give me visa! You kuffar!

      That’ll get you where you want to go.

    • I hear ya Nihil…if there is anything i can do to help get you and all like you out of my country faster,please dont hesitate to speak up…but you can not accomplish anything by praying to yourself 6 times a day…Russia would love to have ya…they have a very big boiling pot…i’m sure you will fit if ya hurry…Happy New Year In America

    • Evidently you have never been to Siberia. Gorgeous place, normally. Not an un happy place either, just tough people who work hard and are not too affected by the outside world.
      I spent four years there with Rio-Tinto.

  51. I will never do any business with anybody I know is muslim. Never buy food from halal food companies. Just avoid avoid avoid. Good on you Cargill !! Somebody finally has some guts. And yeah agree BNI …six prayer sessions ??????