We all know why we should ‘Never Hire a Muslim’…looks like we should ‘Never Work for a Muslim,’ either

For obvious reasons, the author of this letter wishes to remain anonymous. All I can reveal is that she is an American citizen and lives in the United States.


Hello BNI,

I am not sure if you accept guest submission posts on your blog, but I would like to share my story.  I spent nearly two years working in an office filled with Muslims.  The company is owned by Muslims and nearly all of my coworkers were Muslims.  My story takes place in the United States.  I think my story might provide some insight into what it is like to be involved with Muslims on a personal level, to be invited into their private sphere.  I am not sure if my story is interesting enough to share, but I hope you will consider it.  



“I am a young woman that worked for a Muslim-owned company for nearly two years.  I was raised to be a loving person and I have always been very accepting of differences.  I had a very positive opinion of Muslims until I worked with them and was befriended by them outside of work.  

Two years ago, I got a job working for a Muslim family-owned company.  This family owns many stores in my state and needed a new office assistant to handle the constant flow of paperwork into their main office.  One of my family members has worked for the Muslims for over a decade and said they were decent people, so I felt comfortable accepting the job.  

For the first several months things seemed pretty great.  My boss and manager were really nice to me. My coworkers were super friendly and began inviting me out for lunch.  My boss and other men in the office would pray loudly several times a day in the office, but I just shrugged it off and said to myself, “it is just their religion, it should not bother me”.  

My female coworkers eventually began praying around me too, like right next to me.  These women would literally put their pray rugs behind me and in the corner next to my desk to pray.  I thought this was strange, but I stupidly ignored this strange behavior.

Eventually, towards the middle of my first year, one of my coworkers began telling me about Islam.  I did not ask her about her religion, but she just started telling me about it during a lunch break.  She began inviting me to special picnics with all Muslim women.  These women were either wearing hijabs or niqabs so it was kind of strange to me, but I just told myself that I was being prejudice and I should not judge them.  

It is really embarrassing to me now, but at the time, I really wanted to make new friends and most of the women were super nice to me, so I tolerated their strange dress code.  I should also add that I was completely ignorant about Islam, so I initially believed everything the Muslims told me about their “great religion”.  They told me that Islam is a “religion of peace” and Muhammed gave women rights and freedom.  I now know that these are all lies and that these women were probably practicing taqiyya.

These women shared food with me, they gave me gifts like fancy scarves and a beautifully embroidered blue silk abaya.  They began inviting me to more and more events, I was even invited to their children’s Islamic school events.  I thought it was great because I had “friends” and free stuff, but I was completely ignorant about any ill intentions that they had at the time.  

The women, especially my main coworker who invited me to these events, sat me down one day and asked me to convert to Islam.  I told her I would think about it, but I needed to learn more about the religion before making such a major decision.  She happily supplied me with a Qur’an and other Islamic texts so I could study.  She also bombarded my email with Islamic clerics giving lectures and sermons.  

I love learning, so I began reading the Qur’an and watching the videos, and I was completely horrified!  I read about killing of non-believers or “infidels”.  I read verses that gave instructions on how a man should beat his wife and could rape female war captives.  I read so many horrible things that I was just shocked and totally confused.  

I thought perhaps Muslims don’t take these evil verses literally, but when I went on Muslim forums and asked them to explain these things to me, they just attempted to justify horrible things like rape, pedophilia, wife beating, and murdering non-believers.

After a few months of researching Islam, I confronted my coworker who had been the main one attempting to convert me.  She tried to deflect and derail the conversation many times, but eventually she admitted that all of those horrible negative stereotypes about Islam being a violent religion are indeed true.  

She and her sisters (her sisters jumped into this private conversation), told me that they believed it is okay for a man to beat his wife, that terrorists activities were justifiable, and killing gay people and adulterers is permissible under Sharia Law.  They even said that, “9/11 was a good thing, because now everyone knows about Islam.”  

They tried to justify the evil by telling me that it is okay because it is “Allah’s law” and Muhammed was a prophet so everything about Islam is true!  I responded by telling her and her sisters that Islam is evil and “Allah is a bastard, he is not God”.  They literally looked like they wanted to kill me after I said that. 

This whole conversation happened outside of work on the weekend, but when I came to work Monday morning, nearly everyone in the office looked at me with absolute hatred.  They preceded to make me miserable every time they saw me, they were so rude.  My boss would find excuses to yell at me and once when I asked my coworker for a report she was supposed to give me, she literally threw it at me, I was shocked by their aggressive behavior.  

The whole situation was a nightmare, so I quit soon after that event.  I did not report these events because my family member still works for the company and I am afraid the owners could take out their anger on my relative.

I just wanted to share my story because I have had firsthand experience with Muslims.  These people are dangerous, they all wanted Sharia Law and for Islam to become a dominant religion worldwide, they talked about this in their groups because they thought I was becoming one of them.  

Many of the Muslims I knew practice polygamy and have very large families, they are becoming a dominant group in my hometown even though they have only been here for a few years.  I live in a relatively small American town, and we now have an Islamic center and there is talk of a mosque being built soon.  

I used to believe that Islam was just like other religions and that Muslims were just regular people, but the truth is many of the evil Muslims shown on television, are reflections of the Muslims I have known in my personal life.  People need to understand that Islam is dangerous and mass immigration of Muslims needs to end.  People need to spread the truth about Islam.”