“RAPEFUGEES NOT WELCOME” – Great T-shirt design in support of anti-Muslim invasion movement in Europe

A new T-shirt design based on the bleeding heart leftist “Refugees Welcome” logo, but instead portraying the Muslim refugees as “rapefugees,” is not only sweeping the anti-Muslim invasion movement in Europe but also has the far left establishment scrambling to suppress any news of it.


New Observer  The “Rapefugees Not Welcome” meme first appeared on Facebook on January 7, as the extent of the mass refugee-criminal attacks across European cities became widely known.

One of the images circulated on the Internet showed Lutz Bachman, founder of the Pegida movement in Germany, sporting the T-Shirt design, prompting a wave of hysterical protests by leftists, offended that anyone would dare actually tell the truth about the obvious link between the nonwhite invasion of Europe and the mass sex attacks of New Year’s Eve.

On the German language Focus news service, for example, under the “Reader comments” section, one reader wrote, under the heading “Rapefugees not welcome” that this “was the best I have read on this whole discussion today on the net. Herbert Wehner said in the ’80s: “If we continue to fail to control the asylum problem, then one day we will be swept away by our own voters. Then we will be turned into a whipping boy, I tell you—we will be the accomplices…when fascist organizations are active, it is not enough to warn against xenophobia. We need to address the root causes, because otherwise the population will develop the will and the power to get the problem under control.”


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