HUNGARIAN top economist says the “goal of the Muslim invasion into the EU is annihilation of the European white man and all that is humane & civil”

refugeeseurope-viZsolt Bayer says that the deliberate displacement of millions of Muslims will inevitably cause a “decade-long” civil war in Europe – the precise goal of the forces that dragged Europe into WWI and WWII. Middle Eastern Countries were purposefully destabilized to cause massive numbers of refugees via a well-organized propaganda campaign and traitorous politicians who convinced European countries to commit suicide.

He claims that the sexual harassment and gang rape attacks by thousands of migrants on hundreds of German women on New Year’s eve were just a “mild foretaste” of the civil war in Europe which is in its early stages, to be followed by yet another world war. The only solution is to do what Eastern European countries are doing: Close the borders and clean out the global trash pile.