FRANCE-UK EuroTunnel: If you can’t keep them (Muslim invaders) out, flood them out

PANews BT_P-880e70de-72b0-4454-af30-df9a9af97e7c_I1Areas around the EuroTunnel that connect the French city of Calais with Britain are now being flooded in a desperate attempt to prevent the Muslim invaders from crossing into Britain.

Illegal alien migrants demonstrate against British government
Illegal alien migrants demonstrate against British government

Sputnik News The operator of the Channel Tunnel between England and France, Eurotunnel, has intentionally flooded the area close to its terminal to prevent refugees from crossing into the United Kingdom, Eurotunnel spokesman John Keefe said Wednesday.

The illegal aliens, from North Africa and the Middle East, don’t want to stay in France. They want to go to Britain where they can live off the welfare state for the rest of their lives. According to the UN, “refugees” are required to stay in the first safe country in which they arrive. These Muslims have crossed though several  safe countries, but are determined to get into the UK.

"France is dog life. England is good life (Yes, the government will support you for the rest of your life and the litter you will eventually breed )
“France is dog life. England good life”

“We have let the water level rise and used this to form a network of barriers to stop people from getting to the fences — a way of using the natural environment as a layer of protection,” Keefe said in an interview with The Local news outlet.

In December 2015, around 1,000 asylum seekers tried to storm the Channel Tunnel near the French port city of Calais in an attempt to reach the United Kingdom.