INDIA: Three Muslims burn a poor 17-year-old Hindu ragpicker to death after accusing him of theft

The young victim died in excruciating agony after suffering burns over 75% of his body. This isn’t a case of Muslim intolerance, as Muslims in India couldn’t possibly be any more intolerant of non-Muslims than they already are. It is pure evil.

burn-victimHindu Existence  (h/t Upananda B) In a very shocking incident that took place in Pune on Thursday, a 17-year-old rag Hindu picker while he was answering call of nature was allegedly set afire by a group of Muslims who suspected him (without proof) of having stolen vehicle batteries, police said. The boy, identified as Sawan Dharma Rahtod is a resident of Vishrambaug, who received 75 per cent burn injuries was admitted to the Sassoon General Hospital, died later on Friday.

The three Muslim suspects are now in custody. According to police, they questioned the boy about his religion and as to what he was doing and about the theft of vehicle batteries when he was loitering in the Kasabapeth area of the city. They later  dragged him into an isolated area, poured diesel fuel on him and set him ablaze.

Inspector (Crime) D B Bhosale, who is investigating the case, said, “Sawan was a scrap collector. We have been able to confirm the story with the help of CCTV camera and arrested Ibrahim.”