MICHIGANISTAN: The first city in America taken over by Muslims…can sharia law be far behind?

dearborn-ramadan-curfewMichigan city of Hamtramck, once 90% Polish, is the first Muslim-majority city in America.  After pushing out most of the Polish Christians, Hamtramck also is the first city in America to elect a Muslim-majority city council. 


Washington Post  In November, the blue-collar city that has been home to Polish Catholic immigrants and their descendents for more than a century became what demographers think is the first jurisdiction in the nation to elect a majority-Muslim council. 


It’s the second tipping for Hamtramck (pronounced Ham-tram-ik), which in 2013 earned the distinction of becoming what appears to be the first majority-Muslim city in the United States following the arrival of thousands of immigrants from Yemen, Bangladesh and Bosnia over a decade. The once-thriving factory town now struggles with one of the highest poverty rates in Michigan.


In many ways, Hamtramck is a microcosm of the fears gripping parts of the country since the Islamic State’s attacks on Paris: The influx of Muslims here has profoundly unsettled some residents of the town long known for its love of dancing, beer, paczki pastries and the pope. “It’s traumatic for them,” said Majewski.


Majewski, whose family emigrated from Poland in the early 20th century, admitted to a few concerns of her own. Business owners within 500 feet of one of Hamtramck’s four mosques can’t obtain a liquor license, she complained, a notable development in a place that flouted Prohibition-era laws by openly operating bars. The restrictions could thwart efforts to create an entertainment hub downtown, said the pro-commerce mayor.

And while Majewski advocated to allow mosques to issue calls to prayer several times a day (see below), she understands why some longtime residents are struggling to adjust to the sound that echos through the city’s streets five times each day.

Labor Day, known as Polish Day here, is marked with music, drinking and street dancing. (Not for long) Most of the women strolling Joseph Campau Avenue wear hijabs, or headscarves, and niqabs, veils that leave only the area around the eyes open. Many of the markets advertise their wares in Arabic or Bengali, and some display signs telling customers that owners will return shortly — gone to pray.

Many longtime residents point to 2004 as the year they suspected that the town’s culture had shifted irrevocably. It was then that the city council gave permission to al-Islah Islamic Center to broadcast its call to prayer from speakers atop its roof.


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  1. Um, this wasnt an invading army and they didnt build a whole bunch of houses and push the Polish out. You moved, voluntarily. You bought houses with two cars and a swimming pool in the suburbs and came to Hamtramck only on holidays to visit family. Then that family died and you dont visit anymore. No one took anything over, you left. You traded Joseph Campau for Meijers for Walmart.

    • RT, ever hear of blockbusting? Muslims are funded from abroad to build mosques in Christian neighborhoods because they will attract other Muslims. Suddenly muslims are all over the neighborhood, double parking in the streets, making noise, blasting call to prayer several times a day and causing problems for the neighbors. Saudi Arabia funds the purchase of a few homes in the neighborhood near the mosque, and little by little more of them move in which causes prices to drop. People start rapdily selling their houses at that point because they know the longer they stay, the lower the prices will go. The buyers, not surprisingly, are all muslims.

      Civil rights activists did this in America in the 50’s to forcibly integrate neighborhoods. Soon the neighborhoods were entirely black. But unlike with Muslims, who actually do want to drive all the non-Muslims out of the neighborhood in order to create their own little NO GO zones, blacks actually did want integration…which eventually they did.

      Muslims want Muslim-only areas. That’s how they take over countries little by little.

  2. In heaven above there may be multiple mansions. But Hell is surely not one of those multiples. Because both Heaven and Hell cannot co-exist…neither wherever they are nor here on earth.

  3. I’m 16 and have lived here my whole life. I was here before the influx from Yemin and Bangladesh, and I’ll be here after. I perform every year at the labor day festival, and nothing has changed. This town has always been friendly, always been cooperative, always been a place for immigrants. Polish, Yemenis or otherwise. Honestly the only hate is between the two pizza places, Amar’s and Amichi’s lol.

    I hope this little bit of an insider look at the town helps

      • No that’s the opposite of what I’m trying to say. This coming labor day will be like the others in recent past, with art, food, and culture being celebrated by every race and religion. I’ve seen booths celebrating polish heritage across the street from booths explaining what the Qur’an really means. It isn’t a battle of Muslim vs non Muslim at all because fatty foods can be eaten by everyone, that’s the point of the fest.

        • With the exception of Maurna or starvation, Muslims are forbidden to consume pork products. Alcohol and domestic donkey meat are also haram.

          To learn the real meaning of the Koran, read one of the major tafsirs: Tafsir Ibn Kathir or the less loquacious and detailed Tafsir al-Jalayn. To see how Moe exemplified it, read the Jihad book of any of the sita six or, for greater length: Guillaume’s “The Life Of Muhammad” or Ibn Kathir’s “The Life Of The Prophet Muhammad”.

    • Allah hates everyone who is not his slave. Muslims must hate what Allah hates; its Wala wal Bara, look it up. Search for “Islamexposed + Wala wal Bara”, you will find clues in a recent blog post.

      Visit qtafsir.com/ and look up 3:28, get another clue. While their numbers are low, they will pretend to be friendly. When demographics permit, the blood will hit the fan.

      • There can be violent messages in the Qur’an, if you interpret them in a violent way. All I know is I barbeque with my Muslim neighbors, my little sister plays with the girl next door. They teach each other about their respective religions and break bread in peace. The only blood I’ve seen shed is when she fell of her bike. We live together peacefully, just like the town does

        • Yes, keep allowing your little sister to play in the muslim house next door and you will be sorry. Your parents should be charged with child abuse.

          Betcha don’t barbecue hot dogs or pork ribs.

        • The reply button doesn’t work this far down so I’ll reply to my own post. We do cook pork products, of which they don’t partake. I guess I appreciate the joke but I don’t really see why Muslim people are dangerous. I’ve seen no danger or hostility anywhere. The only violence I’ve seen has been induced by alcohol.

        • We do not have Muslim friends, allies or partners. Allah expressly forbids it!

          * 3.118
          * 4.89
          * 4.139
          * 4.144
          * 5.51
          * 5.57
          * 58.14
          * 58.22
          * 60.1
          * 60.13

          Look up and read those ayat!! Allah expressly forbids equal and inferior relations with infidels!

          Noel Yatom listed 164 violent verses if memory serves. Check out my blog post entitled “What’s Wrong With Islam & Muslims?” for more detail about the worst of it.

  4. You people are the reason there is racial division in America. First of all, according to the Washington post the population is only 24% Muslim, and people come there because the Crime rate is extremely low. Back when Polish immigrants came to this town they did so because they were looked down upon by majority Anglo protestants. Perhaps if everyone treated Muslims with respect there would be less of a need to cluster together, just as the bigotry of the past forced Catholic poles to do the same.

  5. Uncontrolled and Illegal Migration has done it and that mistake cannot be undone not even by mass deportation Strictly banning all Immigration would be one of the workable solutions along with withdrawal of ALL Freebies

  6. This is what happens when you allow Arab immigrants into your country. Since 95% of these Arabs are practitioners of the Islamic religion, this usually spells bad news, plus, these people will not assimilate into the culture & customs of their new country. Immigration needs to come to a grinding halt & deportation now becomes necessary. 🙁

  7. Oh yeah, Thomas, that’ll be next. Had to laugh at your comment about “HAM”, last night. There are cities in AMERICA, that don’t allow church bells to be rung on Sunday morning, before a certain time, but this blood-curdling, sickening, “call to prayer” is allowed??!! 5 times a day, no less??!!!!

    • I live here. They overstate the call to prayer bit. We hear it a few times a year around the holidays, but never five times a day. It used to be more prevalent but the mosques got complaints so they stopped

  8. Patriotic Americans – Poles have been replaced by Muslims who are commanded in the Quran to

    wage violent jihad, satanic atrocities, beheadings, crucifixons, kidnappings, rapes, tortures, gang rapes and mass barbaric murders of non-Muslims and

    the mass raping and seizing of non-Muslim females for sex slaves.

    Beheadings of despised hated non-Muslims already began in Britain, America and France.

    Nations’ leaders who import Muslims are GUILTY of TREASON and Crimes Against Humanity.

  9. Wall off Michiganistan from the rest of America. Then let the “peace loving” Muslims kill each other. I’m totally convinced that Muslims hate themselves as much as they hate everyone and everything else in this world!

  10. They proust peace, only as long as they are outnumbered. As soon as they feel secure in numbers they ‘ll stop the taqiya

  11. A 2 or 3 (?) years back a similar take over happened in a Denmark neighborhood that had its own council or neighborhood committee (some sort of quasi cgovt community body). NOW KEEP IN MIND THIS HAPPENED BEFORE THESE RECENT IMMIGRANT INVASIONS OF 2015.

    The Danes allowed and welcomed muz-maggot subhuman trash to move into this area. Things weren’t going to well… so the Western and “used to freedom” Danes brought it on themselves to try to encourage the muzz to assimilate and paricipate in Danish society and culture. The Danes ENCOURAGED the muzz to paricipate in their committees and councils and what-not. Unsure if they appointed muzz or if the larger Danish community leaving in that area voted them (muzz) on.

    At least the Danish people on those governing bodies VOTED and agreed to bring the muzz on board. All this was to “EDUCATE” and have muzz get used to “DEMOCRACY” and have them “PARTICIPATE” in Western- in this case specifically Danish society.

    It didn’t go well. The muzz simply HAD ABSOLUTELY NO CONCEPT ON HOW TO BEHAVE. The muzz on this body voted to fund Eid festivals and to do so in such an elaborate way as is usually never done. Some Danes on the body didn’t want to vote against them (muzz) for fear of being called racist… other Danes voted with them as a way to show how Denmark does things by a ballot, blah, blah, see how we do things in civilized Denmark.

    The money went quick with all sorts of amusements and elaborate purchases… non muslims were not welcomed at this event funded by the taxes and private money from Danes. The litter and vandalism afterwards left the area in an absolute mess.

    Then time passed and things were not good with all the muzz invited to live in this neighborhood. Then Christmas came. The neighborhood always had lights, a tree and few smaller things to celebrate. Guess what!!! The muzz on the committee / council REFUSED to vote any funds for Christmas… not even a Christmas tree. Because it was not Islamic.

    The mistake was first… ALLOWING MUSLIMS IN DENMARK. The next was doing back flips to get them in ANY position of authority while they were not assimilated intolerant monsters… and ANY position while they were still muslim.

    The muzz thought it was their allah given “right” to be in position of authority wherever they set foot… to rule over non muzz and to control the resources (in this case the committee money) and dictate what non muslims in the neighborhood can and cannot do.

    So… whether in a Danish neighborhood or in a USA Michigan city… or as “FROM POLAND” pointed out about what happened to Lebanon in the 1970s…. there was a muzz take over.

    Every muslim immigrant is an individual invading force.

  12. It is Demographic Invasion. Another example: Muslims invaded Lebanon in 1970’s . It has been 80% christian country at that time. It is now 80% muslim.

  13. I can only imagine how much moslems want to defy public nuisance and noise level laws and impose those stupid calls to prayer. They are another example of how much islam denies care for individuals, especially women. Can you imagine a mother trying to get her baby to sleep with that racket?

  14. Ggggrrr. And here is Turnballs on TV showing off to the press that we are fighting isislam. As long as we allow islam in our country, we are not fighting isis.

  15. We all,need to keep a watch on this town. When the council,start enacting laws, rules stc that favor Moslems and Islam, then we need to bring this tomthe attention of the world. To show that Moslems will always stick with and be loyal only tomother Moslems. And that this is what happens when Moslems get in power. What sacres me to death is a statement by some moslem( can’t remember who or where) butvhe said , in response to Trump, that he was going to get Moslems organized and boting so thet could be sure to note for people who were not like Trump. Well what he didn’t say was Moslem voting for other Moslems, or urfurl,idiot liberal,,eft. There are a lot of Moslems in the US and if they all get registered, organized behind some canidate, then we could have pronlems. This is what is so frustrating it makes me nuts, Moeslems aremUsing democracy to destroy our democracy. Usingbour freedoms and rights to take those rights and freedoms away from us. Every day that goes by, Moslems dig in a little deeper, Islamify a little more, and every day there population increases a little more, getting closer and closer to the day when they are The Majority and Will take over.
    Islam can not tolerate not being Dominate. Islam can never equally and peacefully co exist with any religion or culture. Islam agressively spreads and pushes to become dominate, not resting until it IS dominate. When it is dominate, slowly or quickly, Islam obliterates all traces of the native religion and culture. Unless, solely at the Moslem overlord’s discression, Christians and Jews only are offered the option of existing ( not really living, just existing) under a Dhimmie Contract. If you want more info about Dhimmie, Google ” Enjoy The Conditions of Omar” ….

  16. Completely illegal. The current attorney general won’t do squat but the one Trump appoints will take care of their desire for Sharia Law and Mosque sirens.

  17. If Muslims are there as the Majority then Surely Koran is there and Islam too Sharia will follow & then IKHWAN and their bandwagon with Abductions Rapes Loots and Murders.

  18. I left Michigan after I retired. Glad I did, they tax your retirement now. Heck, they tax your tax return in Michgian. I have heard from friends and family that there are a lot of muslims there now. Big turn off! I will never move back. Imagine how many muslim doctors in the area. Frightening.

  19. nothing for Michigan to do now but enjoy the decline. we’ll see who is next but I predict at least 10 states will have cities larger than this one with issues as these and the problems of violence and rape we see all across Europe before there’s any movement to pushback.

    • The poor dog chained up was probably the
      evening meal for a Muslim family. I will never
      Live anywhere that screeching is allowed. This
      is America & we can’t even have Church Bells
      On Sunday, but the Muslim & Black Blood festivals
      are PC.

  20. She advocated for allowing the mosques to sound the call to prayer? Why? Is she hoping that she will get beheaded last?

    So a hoard of Muslims moves to town and suddenly the place is struggling with poverty. Go figure. Next they will be struggling with child rape, honor killing, and caravan robbery. What’s the big deal? It’s all sharia compliant.

    • Old Henry hated Jews, imported Arabs as factory labor, resulting in Dearbornistan. In the 1960s, Block Busters brought in Noggers to take over Detroit, making wealth for lawyers and real estate agents while destroying the city. Union goons destroyed the economy. ‘Crats f”d the cities.

  21. Ham-Tramck? I’ll bet the Muslim Majority City Council will deem the city’s name “Un-Islamic” and “Racist” therefore needing to be changed to “Victory of Islam.”