Muslim supremacists insist on throwing their religion in your face

39dd216513790a1810a09dfb596d4db9That’s why so many Muslim women wear sharia-compliant headbags, daring you to say anything about it, while knowing full well how uncomfortable and even frightened it makes people. Muslims figure they can always pull out their handy, dandy CAIR-supplied victim card and scream “Islamophobia,” hoping to get you charged with a hate crime.  Iman Mahmoud walked out of the Stafford Home Depot wearing her headscarf when she saw another lady staring at her with a grimace.

Sorry, cupcake, NO, you are not and never will be. Nice job of desecrating the American flag though.
Sorry, cupcake, NO, you are not and never will be. Nice job of desecrating the American flag, though.

Mahmoud kept walking. “Should I wear a shirt that says ‘I’m not a terrorist?’” Mahmoud, 36, of Stafford, said of the recent encounter. (NO, don’t bother, people will assume you are anyway)

Naureen Hameed of Holmdel, says fellow her fellow students at Rutgers University sometimes ask her: “Why are Muslims terrorists?” But educating her peers about her religion is “what I do for fun,” said Hameed, 19.


In Monmouth and Ocean counties, residents and students say fear and anxiety among Muslims are felt in small ways: the unwarranted stares at the supermarket; the whispered comments behind their back; or never knowing whether certain actions are targeted at them for being Muslim or just plain rude. (But your headbag incites rude comments which is why you wear it in the first place)

Mohammed Hannini, director of Islamic Studies at The Muslim Society of Jersey Shore in Toms River, said it’s tough for Muslims to be put in that situation. “The question is what do you have to do to be viewed as a normal human being?” he asked as he sipped on a large coffee from Wawa.

“Every time something happens you have to prove your humanity, it’s not a good feeling.” “Terrorism is a new phenomenon; these groups with this kind of mindset did not come from Islamic texts.” (Oh, really?)


“We the Muslims are the punching bag,” added Hannini, a Jackson resident and computer engineer. “This frenzy, this fear, this tension that exits, we’re going to see it for a long time.”

He said he wants to do a better job of educating the unbelievers about Islam and the broader historical and political context of the Middle East. 

The Qur’an requires both men and women to dress modestly. That has been interpreted in a variety of ways in different countries, with some women required to cover more of their bodies than men. Some do it as a sign of Islamic identity, an act of devotion to their faith or as a sign that they don’t want to be judged by their physical characteristics (like all you Western whores?).