GERMANY: Thousands of patriots in streets demanding “Merkel must go”

CTUKf7kXIAAvGgqThousands of German patriots in Leipzig and München took to the streets to protest against the sexual assault attacks committed by the so-called “refugees” in Cologne. The media called the patriot protesters “hateful, racist and intolerant” for not wanting their daughters raped by Muslim migrant mobs. 


German elites call it an “anti-Islamic hate movement,” even after more than 500 cases of sexual harassment have been reported to the police, because apparently not wanting a Muslim majority in Europe is “racist”. 


As Germans become increasingly worried of the consequences of being a minority in their own country, the PEGIDA (Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamization of the Occident) movement has gained extraordinary traction within a single year.

The desperate “lying press” (= Lügenpresse) organized unsuccessful counter protests such as a “chain of lights against racism” and other leftist garbage. 

Face of a dying Nation