NOW WHAT, MERKEL? North African states refuse to take back Muslim ‘refugees’ Germany wants to deport

GERMANY-POLITICS-PARLIAMENTThree North African states whose nationals have taken part in the Angela Merkel-created mass so-called ‘refugee’ invasion of Europe —Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia—are now refusing to take back their nationals even if they have been served with deportation orders because of criminal activities or terrorist ties, it has emerged.

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New Observer  The revelation has made a mockery of Merkel’s announcement that her government was going to “speed up” deportations of nationals from these North African states.

According to a report in the NTV service in Germany, government officials have admitted that their attempts to deport nationals from those three countries have largely been undone because their governments have simply refused to cooperate in “any meaningful way.”


A government report obtained by the TV station gave one example of the sort of problems the German authorities were facing: in late July 2015, it said, some 5,500 Algerians, Moroccans, and Tunisians were ordered deported back to their countries by the Interior Ministry after their “asylum” requests had been turned down.

However, since then, only 53 of that number have successfully been sent back home. The main reason for this failure, the government report said, was deliberate “blocking of the process by the Maghreb countries.”


Repatriations to Morocco were limited “due to the uncooperative behavior of the embassy” it said, adding that the “behavior of the Tunisian authorities is also totally inadequate.”

The report revealed that contact with any of these three states’ embassies on the matter of taking back their nationals is “extremely difficult, and with the exception of a few isolated cases, there is no reaction and no results.”


The situation is so bad that Interior Minister Thomas de Maizière and Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier have sent a joint letter to their Maghreb counterparts to “urge better cooperation,” the NTV report said. Suggestions that German “foreign aid” to those nations should be cut as a result was, however, rejected.

The leaking of the government report could not have come at a worse time for Chancellor Merkel. According to the Bild newspaper, she has just announced that her party has “agreed to create a special procedure for refugees from Algeria and Morocco in order to deport them faster.”


In terms of this “special procedure,” the nonwhite invaders will “no longer be distributed to communities throughout Germany, but held in special facilities while awaiting deportation.”

This procedure has already been put in place for illegal immigrants from Kosovo and other already declared “safe” countries.


The new plan does not, of course, address the fact that these nations are refusing to accept back their nationals—but nothing else Merkel has done in connection with the nonwhite invasion has worked out as she planned either.

The three states—known as part of the “Maghreb” region—have now joined Pakistan in refusing to take back their citizens. In November 2015, Pakistan’s Interior Minister, Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan, announced that his nation would no longer accept Pakistani deportees from Europe. The reason, he said, was because European states were “abusing” Pakistani nationals by demanding that they go home after illegally invading Europe.