Look at all the undeserved media attention for this non-story about Muslims being fired for taking several prayer breaks during working hours

More than 50 Muslim workers lost their jobs after the company changed its policy to only allow prayers during scheduled breaks, not when the prayers must be made according to Islamic beliefs. 


Before the new policy went into effect, the Somali Muslims were able to leave the production line twice-a-shift to pray two of the five prayers their faith requires each day. (Failing to mention that their ‘faith’ allows them to make up any prayers missed during the day at a later time)

Muslim supremacists make these kinds of demands on employers because they believe they are above “man-made” laws and rules and only have to abide by Islamic law. Don’t believe what they say about the prayers lasting only 5 minutes. It’s a minimum of 20 minutes which includes coming and going and washing of Muslim feet, hands and orifices (no soap) before each prayer.





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