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  1. The longer England waits to face the problem of the EU’S bad policies about Refugees and Immigrants, the harder it will be to fix it.
    Get the HELL OUT OF THE EU.


    • The Muslims will take over the country, the same way as they took over Iran, in the late 60s, by force. Just imagine the consequences you will receive if these pricks get their hands on number 10 ( nuke launch codes ) Israel wont give a warning. It’s already been discussed, military intelligence know that were fucked, why do you think so many top dogs are getting out.

  2. None of these raging babies hold a job, so they have plenty of time to manufacture some fake anger and switch on a riot whenever and wherever they want.

    This is why I have no sympathy for England, they are already a lawless Islamic colony.

  3. I thought the UK had strict rules on hate speech??

    These muzzie manimals are actually screaming Jihad and death and ‘ USA you will pay ‘…..

    Damn….they are allowed to threaten…..intimidating passersby and nothing is done???

    Why wasn’t this on OUR media ??? Unfrickin believable!

      • Rock and roll and Christianity will vanish and shrink. We needn’t discuss it any further. I am right and I will be proved right – John Lennon

        Read the goodguise at WordPress. Get involved. You must eventually understand and act accordingly.

    • Only towards the non Muslim population who dare speak out!

      A man was charged with racist incitement for throwing a bacon sandwich at a Mosque in Totterdown, Bristol this week. But it’s acceptable for these wankers to preach all sorts of hate towards so called infedel’s. WTF?

  4. the cop sees the pig with a ISIS flag giving the 1 finger salute and this pussy bobby doesn’t arrest him on the spot for supporting terrorism? England is lost . If You are a white Christian in England You better form a new government fast or you will all be slaves or die on your own soil.

    • The coppers aren’t there to arrest them, they are there to protect them. I used to be proud to work for this country, work it out for yourself why I quit. pcs are now known as MPO’S (Muslim Protection Officers ).

  5. The two closest allies in the entire world are the nations of Britain and America. No nations leaders are as close as these two nations’ leaders.

    The Muslim imported FILTH carrying the black flag of jihad, spit on America and when they spit on America, they also spit on Britain. Brits and Americans are cousins.

    WHY has Cameron, Tony Blair, Jack Straw and Brown not held a press conference and condemned the vile America-hating imported Muslims?

    Prime Minister Cameron, It is SHAMEFUL and a Stain on Britain, that you and the others ALLOW YOUR IMPORTED MUSLIMS to vilify Britain’s closest ally, America.

    A hostile, OCCUPYING force who declare with a big banner that ‘The Followers of Mohammed will Conquer America’

    The Muslims that you massively imported make no secret of their goal: CONQUEST of Britain, America and all NON-Muslim nations. It’s commanded in the Quran.

    80% of Muslims in Britain and Europe live as PERMANENT PARASITES on welfare. Why are Muslims PAID to CONQUER our people?

    Mr. Cameron, Sarkozy, Hollande and Merkel: Patriotic, ethical leaders would stop financing Muslim conquerors. Stop giving them free homes and free money and deport the Muslims back to their countries.

    Unless this is done, Britain and Europe’s future will be far worse than the Holocaust. The longest, darkest night the world has ever known will descend on our nations. And YOU KNOW IT.

  6. Listen to the chant at 2:05 – “Khaybar, Khaybar, ya Yahud, jaish Muhammad sa yaoud” – “Khaybar, Khaybar, O Jews, the army of Muhammad will return.” (H/T Pamela Geller/Robert Spencer).

    Don’t worry; Sadiq Khan will put a stop to this sort of thing if he becomes the next Mayor of London…

  7. Shame on UK and its leaders and those who elect them. They welcome these people while they are grooming their daughters into sex slavery. If muslims want to go to west they should go to UK and even leave US and Australia to join the Islamic republic of Britain.

  8. Just imagine, if they are already that bold to walk with that kind of bilboards, what would they do if they ever became majority in UK? I guarantee there would be slaughter on the streets. Those evil low lives should be locked straight away just for the way they look and exported straight to hell for what they are shouting. It’s unbelievable that any country would allow that kind of protest to go on. It’s like a big slap on the face of european values. When anyone is going to stop all this crap? It looks like we have to take things over to our hands cause people who are paid to protect us are total failures !

  9. Pres. Jefferson ordered ALL of his naval officers to read the Koran so that they would know more about the people they were going to war against. How many of the people that state they believe it have read it? Of course, there’s a lot of Christians whose only knowledge of the Bible comes from what they remembered from early childhood or garnered from some movie …but they aren’t going around slaughtering people because they don’t believe in Christ! ISLAM is a violent religion that encourages the worst kind of slavery …and as slavers have always resisted anyone who tries to take away their slaves, they will kill to preserve their medieval ways. How else can they have people OBEY them in their homes.


  10. And the British Parliament holds a three-hour debate on whether to ban Donald Trump from entering Britain? And Anjem Chaudhry walks among the demonstrators like some revered, untouchable messianic figure? Islam may not dominate the world, but it is clearly dominating Britain.

  11. People get mugged all the time. Just because he is wearing his man-dress it is a hate crime. Mohamedans are oh, so sensitive except when they are on the other end of the stick.

  12. Britain is in deep trouble. Give it a few more years. London is close to becoming an Islamic capital with all that foreign Islamic money invested in the city.

  13. They carry signs about taking over, yet we allow these people in!! England you best start arming your police with more then a little stick.
    Think you muslims are going to come here and take over? There’s a bullet with Muslim written on it waiting for you.
    All these bastard muslims need to get a job! They have far to much time on their hands.

  14. Well, aren’t they just so very “special”. Don’t like America? GOOD, because American’s think you are a boil on the ass of humanity. Perfect reason for the pox to stay in the UK where the police and the people tremble in fear at your ugly , satanic braying! On this side of the pond, we fight back. Stay where you are or face an armed and determined contingency of patriots. Stinking, goat shagging mutants that think that camel piss is medicine. Baby raping, illiterate, worthless primordial slime. We should care what you think? What I muck out of the barn stalls has more value than any moslem.

    • Emma, Despite the fact that native Brits had their weapons of defense maliciously removed from them by our ruthless leaders in order to make our people defenceless prey for barbaric Muslim enemies, not everyone in Britain trembles in fear of the Muslim occupiers.

      “Cameron is a traitor” – Paul Weston at Downing Street 20.09.2014 Liberty GB

  15. Muslims and their supporters seem to have plenty of time to protest about anything and everything but that’s easy when 80% in Britain don’t work (and never will) and are parasites on the taxpayer of any western country they wash up on.Its all a bit bizarre these sandrats wailing about the evil Obama when they all know he is a great friend and supporter of the evil death cult that traitor western leaders like to call the Religion of Peace.Lets see how they rampage when America has a real Christian President in the White House…The Don will kick their satanic arses!!! If Britain denies him entry well stuff them as most British Pollies are just suckhole running dogs for Islam….In Australia The Don will be most welcome!

  16. There might be a positive side to this situation. You don’t have to go all the way to the Middle East to witness crazy radical Muslims chanting ‘racial’ slogans and getting away with it. You can just fly to England or Germany and have a beer and, instead of eating nuts, you can watch them.

  17. Interesting, you can call out the Pigs of War for a bloody cartoon, or in this case, for something happening in another country, but NOT against the ‘hijackers’ of the cult of mo. The “Je suis Charlie” demo was a BLOODY FARCE which inexorably led to the Paris slaughter.

    There will be more.
    There will be worse.
    That is guaranteed.

    I’m asking again: Where are the million man marches AGAINST jihad, terrorism, hypocrisy, bigotry, shit-stirring ‘sheikhs’, murder mouthing mosques…?

    There should have been such demonstrations on 9/12/2001 in every major city on this planet.

    Their TOTAL ABSENCE since then, (see cair’s PATHETIC demos) SCREAMS the truth about the cult of mo, far louder than the fugly hairy savage/ape chimeras seen in this and other videos.

    By the way, chimera derives from ‘she-goat’ (Satan’s favorite shag?). Someone should ‘vet’ the DNA of those ‘planet of the apes’ throwbacks. Let me posit 20% goat, 50% ape and 30% Ardipithecus, or more generously australopithecus.

    • There is TREMENDOUS opportunity here for creative farce (sunni satire?). From a collection of this and similar videos, set to appropriate music and speech, and played forwards/backwards, this could really ridicule these thairy hugs.

      Years ago there were milk ads of a cow dancing, and before that a Hitler ‘dancing’ satire.

      Hmmm. A chorus line of those hairy fairies kicking their legs up (like obuMBoy on the golf course) and chanting “I am mohammed”; “No, I am mohammed” or “We are all mohammed”

      Get them REALLY pissed. Laser project it onto a mahomet barracks or ten.

      On a Friday night.

      God! I wish I were more creative!

  18. They hate life, we love life. How can you protect freedom and security if tomorrow your neighbor blows himself up in a school? I worked hard and it won’t be my neighbors but many honest people face this shit. Keep them out, send them back thank you Angela Merkel

  19. All on welfare. Nothing better to do all day . …. I really like the hairy animal with the high-vis fluoro vest over his night-shirt. Now there’s a fashion statement for your next demo. day.




    • That’s because as soon as there is an anti-protest, however mild, the police – yes, the very ones standing by in this demo – get stuck in violently against the protesters for intimidating the perpetually offended.

    • Great point Huck! I think there’s been some good change with regards to women’s and minority’s rights in the West but unfortunately they’ve taken that open mindedness to an illogical extreme where any vile human piece of shit is equallly as deserving of our respect and consideration as anyone else.

  21. Obviously….GOD is right…on this planet…in these bodies…we are broken…seriously…we are a broken species…why else would we slaughter each other by the millions because we cant agree on what GOD wants us to do.
    i will tell you this my brothers and sisters…HE wants us to see just how evil we can be without HIM…

  22. You are so right about what an America led by Trump would mean. It’s mind-boggling, though, that these London protests are against an America led by a committed Jihadist.

  23. Notice the shit disturber getting all the dum dums going.
    And also notice they dont do that crap in the USA !!
    bang bang your dead fifty bullets in your head

  24. The islamist in America is a$$kissed and coddled, and the mozlem in Europe is protesting their treatment???
    W T H ~!~?~!~?
    America is a land of patience, tolerance and forebearance, but the time comes they are abused, watch out when the limits are reached. Hugh the Templar said it well: ” Sometimes it takes us a while to get going, but when we do, watch out. You want a Crusade? … we’ll give you a Crusade! ”

    Admiral Yamamoto, a Japanese Admiral, is alleged to have said, when asked why Japan didn’t invade America, “There would be a rifle behind every blade of grass”.
    He wasn’t too far wrong, then OR Now~!

    Keep pushing, islam. We are still polishing and oiling our weapons,,, with pig oil.

  25. Use every moment that you have left to prepare for the Marxist-Muslim resistance. It is kill or be killed, harden yourselves physically and mentally, and get ready to do what you have to do to defend your friends and you families.

  26. Mozlem in America are a$$-kissed and coddled, and they’re protesting the treatment of mozlme in America?????
    W T H~!~?~!~?
    Hugh the Templar said it well: “Sometimes it takes us a while to get going, but when we do, watch out.”

    We have yet to begin to fight, but when we do, it will be the grass-roots citizen, and not the hierarchy that wipes you out!~!~!

    Admiral Yamamoto is alleged to reply, when asked why America was not invaded in WW2, “There’d be a rifle behind every blade of grass.”

    We are a nation with a lot of patience, and indeed, even tolerance. But a segment of humanity can abuse it only so long, then all hell is going to be out for noon, and no pitch hot.

    • Sweden is sold, Denmark, Germany, the UK and tomorrow Holland. The so called European Union regents sold their hard working citizens to Saoudi Arabia and Quatar, for their own pockets. 70 years of peace made us lazy, naif and altruiste. I’ll do my time I think but my children…. I should’t explain them but I do it’s just stronger than myself.

  27. Insanity. Stop all welfare payments. Non-muslims take to the streets in the millions to protest immigration of muslims. They are vile, and they are just waiting until their numbers can just walk over us. They will take everything we’ve worked hard for for generations in one swell swoop, if we don’t all man up.

  28. To any satanic Mohammedan who may be reading this. We in the US will rise and defend Western civilization. We are still the Arsenal of Democracy. Sometimes it takes us a while to get going, but when we do, watch out. You want a Crusade? … we’ll give you a Crusade! We will destroy you in droves while you are in your “dens” praying to your god, Satan. Remember … we know who you are, where you are and what you are.