DUTCH authorities ban demonstration against proposed Muslim invader center following riots, violence, and threats from townspeople

Heesch-Twitter-640x480-1Her decision comes after a demonstration of more than 1,000 protesters against the construction of the Muslim invader center turned violent on Monday with demonstrators throwing stones, fireworks, and eggs at both police and the municipality council building.  A threatening letter that the town council received allegedly contained a bullet.

The structure in the Dutch municipality of Bernheze also suffered an attack on Wednesday after unidentified suspects broke a window with a stone. Many inhabitants have decried the plans for 500 refugees to be located in the small town. Alongside threats against the mayor and Monday’s riot, a dead pig was reportedly discovered hanging in a tree in front of the site of the proposed refugee centre, with residents also purportedly dumping sand on the mayor’s driveway earlier in the week.

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