BRITAIN FIRST activists threatened with arrest if they carry “No More Mosques” banner at Dewsbury protest

West Yorkshire Police have contacted Britain First and informed them that their “No more mosques!” banner has caused “enormous problems and anger” in Dewsbury so they have decided to BAN the banner to appease the local Muslims.


Britain First (h/t Michael W)  Police instructed Britain First leader Paul Golding in the sternest terms not to bring it or display it otherwise he would face arrest for a “racially aggravated” public order offence!

The “racially aggravated” part will guarantee a prison sentence. Freedom of speech out of the window to appease an aggressive, intolerant, noisy minority! Paul and Jayda have confirmed to Britain First News that the banner will be brought along to Dewsbury on Saturday.


West Yorkshire Police are a disgrace to the British nation.  Political correctness is coming before freedom of speech and democracy.

Come along on Saturday and show West Yorkshire Police that we will NOT be silenced!