[UPDATED] Unconfirmed report that a Muslim freeloader has died waiting in line at the welfare office

22-08-2015_9-15-23_amReports have surfaced that a 24-year-old Syrian asylum-seeker had died from exposure after queuing for social support outside a public office in Berlin’s Moabit district. The lines are so long because none of them have come to Germany to work, but to live off the state for the rest of their lives.

UPDATE! The above story is a hoax. Police say: “We have no dead refugee.”

WELT  (h/t Jim) The case of a dead asylum seeker in Berlin was obviously invented by a refugee helper. “We have no dead refugee,” said a spokeswoman for the police after a survey of the assistant Dirk V. “There is currently no evidence that the story that was has published was based on facts,” said the spokeswoman.

“The worker reported the story has admitted in the hearing that he invented everything on his own”, later added to a spokesman.