STRUGGLING GREECE caught between Iraq and a hard place

Muslim migrants brawling on the Greek island of Kos
Muslim invaders (no women or children) brawling on the Greek island of Kos

Greece is under fire by the EU for not securing its sea border and failing to properly register the never-ending flood of Muslim migrants. Yet the only way to secure its sea border would be to turn back the Muslim invader boats which would be illegal and an abuse of international treaties.

EuroNews Greek EU Affairs Minister, Nikos Xydakis, talks about an EU report that accuses Athens of failing to register refugees and migrants properly. “When they are telling you, you don’t protect the sea borders sufficiently, the ones saying so have to explain to us what exactly is not correctly done and what we should do, considering we are not allowed to turn back the boats and don’t have the facilities for processing tens of thousands of Muslims every week. “There is no benefit for Greece in becoming a storage depot for thousands of Muslim invaders.”