Designated Terrorist Group CAIR Executive Director Nihad Awad says: “Muslims can be the swing vote in the 2016 Presidential election”

maxresdefault-vi-1-e1450127228274HARDLY. Then again Muslim extremist groups like CAIR like to boast that Muslims comprise 8% of the American population when the true number is about 1% (which is still about 3.2 million Muslims too many).

Speaking at the 14th annual Muslim Brotherhood-linked MAS-ICNA conference held in Chicago on January 3, CAIR Executive Director and guttersnipe Nihad Awad said: “We have to register every single Muslim to vote in 2016 (even if they aren’t citizens?). The Muslim vote can be the swing vote in major states.” Awad warned that “life for American Muslims will be difficult” if “those attacking Muslims today will be in the White House,” and said that the number of Muslims was growing in the seven predicted swing states of the 2016 presidential elections – Florida, Ohio, Virginia, Colorado, Nevada, Iowa, New Hampshire and Pennsylvania.