MASSACHUSETTS: SOMALI MUSLIM arrested for assaulting bus driver and threatening transit officers

Mohamed Noor (photo below), 29, a Somali Muslim savage was arrested early this week near Malden Station for allegedly assaulting a bus driver who refused to let him on the bus without paying the fare, and then threatening MBTA police, his third arrest along the Orange Line in the past three years.


Boston Globe  Mohamed Noor, 29, refused to pay his bus fare when boarding at the Malden Center station in the Commercial Street busway at around 12:45 a.m. Tuesday, Transit Police said in a statement.

When the driver told Noor he would have to get off the bus if he did not pay, Noor allegedly threatened the driver, then hit him in the face and head. Noor then left the station, police said. Officers soon caught up with Noor, and police said he began acting combative, threatening them with physical harm. He was arrested and charged with assaulting a public employee and disorderly conduct.

Noor was arraigned Tuesday in Malden District Court for assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, interfering with a bus driver, disorderly conduct, and threatening to commit a crime,

Noor was also arrested in 2014 after an assault at Sullivan Square, and in 2013 for violence at Roxbury Crossing. He tried to rob a 53-year-old man at the MBTA’s Sullivan Square Station in Charlestown, and then beat up the victim when he didn’t have any money, striking him in the face several times, knocking him to the ground, where he continued to beat him.