GERMANY: Muslim invaders attack two pensioners who tried to defend a German woman who was being harassed by Muslims on a Munich subway

When two elderly men tried to intervene on behalf of a young woman being harassed by Muslims, they, too, were attacked, with a Muslim holding one of the men by the arms as they verbally abused him. The second victim was also grappling with the Muslims before he was held up by the neck and threatened.


UK Daily Mail  Munich man, Tom Roth, who uploaded the video to his Facebook page, said the fight broke out after one of the Muslim thugs was rejected by a woman upon whom he had placed his hand. When the woman rejected his unwanted advances, one of the Muslims struck the glass window full force.

Several men on the train shouted at him to stop. Everyone immediately became involved, with many trying to get inbetween the pair. The man’s attacker fell back in his four-seater.  The situation was brought under control when the train reached the station and police were called, but said, ‘there was nothing they could do’ (because Merkel has ordered them to stand down whenever Muslim migrants are involved?).