Long-time BNI friend and contributor has suddenly passed away

We all knew him as ‘Grouchy Fogey’ at BNI, where we have enjoyed his wit and wisdom for many years. Yet only today we learn that his real name was Eugene. All your friends at BNI will miss you, Grouchy. Rest in peace and give ’em hell up there!

EUGENE aka Grouchy Fogey
EUGENE aka Grouchy Fogey

Grouchy often posted stories from BNI on his website called Nox & Friends from where I received this tribute to him today.

Eugene was born on July 4th and he was as pro-American as anyone could be. He served honorably in the United States Air Force. As you all know, he was conservative to the bone. He was a lover of animals big and small, polite, quick witted, funny, and spiritual too, not religious but a student of religion and biblical history. In the nutshell, just a darn good soul.

He was one of the founders at ‘Nox & Friend along with Terry and Kathy. He was also our resident philosopher and islamic expert. He really took his job here very seriously and with great passion. For the longest time he wrote about islam, its teachings, philosophy, and objectives. It hurt him deeply. Writing about those barbarians really tore him up. I asked him to stop. He did.

These last years Grouchy suffered from serious heart conditions and he was in and out of the hospital . The last go around he wasn’t quite sure he’d make it out so he called me to let me know that the “Quote of the Day” was scheduled out a few days. Seriously? We both had a good laugh over that but I share this with you only as evidence of how much he loved posting here and how much he enjoyed the interaction with our readers and fellow bloggers.

Eugene is survived by Rose Ann, who he called “his angel”, and who was with him when he passed. The timing of his earthly departure was in the middle of a blizzard. I can only surmise the blowing snow must have been Colorado angel tears.

He’ll be sorely missed by us for sure, and there is a hole in our hearts.

We all knew this day was coming but one is never ready to lose a friend. I’m sure he would have loved to have made it beyond the presidential elections. Now he has a skybox view.  I can only imagine his armchair prognostications, especially now since Ted Cruz won Iowa.  I also imagine him asking Saint Peter, “hey, what’s up with these islamic barbarians anyway… when’s the Big Guy gonna take them out?”.

God bless you Grouchmeister. The Good Lord called a good man home.  I’m glad I knew him and could call him friend.

~ Hardnox