ITALY: Angry citizens are demanding a crackdown on the never-ending flood of Muslim illegal alien invaders

imagesMuslim invaders, many of them illegal, comprise 4 – 5% of Italy’s population. As their numbers increase, so do the violence, thefts, sexual assaults and rapes, which have resulted in a surge of anti-Muslim  protests in the streets. At the same time, Muslim illegals (photo above) also take to the streets, demanding to be allowed to stay.


As the Muslim presence in Italy explodes,, several bills are being proposed to ban the construction of mosques within several miles of churches, forcing imams to speak Italian, and a ban on the use of amplifiers that blast the Muslim Call to Prayer. As in most countries, Muslims refuse to integrate into the population and form parallel communities where they have virtually no contact with Italian citizens. Left wing sympathizers claim that Italy is becoming one of the most dangerous places for Muslim illegal immigrants. One can only hope!

The media call the anti-Muslim protesters “racists” and “Neo-Nazis,” but, in fact, they are desperate patriots who don’t want to see Italy turned into another 3rd world Islamic hellhole.

In Milan, there have been massive rallies of tens of thousands of protesters demanding an end to the Muslim invasion, complaining that the illegals get better treatment than Italian citizens.

In the town of Quinto di Treviso, outraged residents protested the resettling of Muslim invaders in their neighborhoods, in new buildings, by removing all the provisions sent in for them, including the furniture, televisions, and paper goods…and then setting everything on fire. Illegal aliens get housing while many Italians sleep in the streets.