CANADA’s stealth Muslim Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, will end all military action against ISIS and use Canadian military bases to house as many as 50,000 Muslim invaders every year

Justin-Trudeau-is-the-PM-Useful-Idiot-620x271It’s shocking that Canadian Armed Forces personnel will be ordered to abandon the coalition battle against ISIS and return to Canada to become waiters, chauffeurs and social workers for ungrateful Muslim migrants. Taxpayer-funded Canadian Forces Bases will be turned into welfare camps for Muslims who will turn them into squalid, garbage-ridden dumping grounds as they have all over Europe.


The Rebel  (h/t Jo P) It’s a disgrace that Canadian military personnel have been sent eviction notices to make way for foreign migrants. But for the DND’s budget to be diverted away from military purposes and towards buying Korans and building mosques for foreign migrants, is especially outrageous.

Included in the Department of National Defence budgets are hundreds of thousands of dollars set aside for “religious support,” including the purchase of Muslim qurans, prayer mats and foot-washing facilities. The plans also call for the construction of mosques or “worship centres,” using taxpayers dollars.


The planning documents, in English and French, were released in response to a Rebel “Access to Information” request about religious expenditures by the Department of National Defence.

But the detailed Quebec budget plans also shed light on the sheer scale of the Trudeau government’s plans to set up refugee camp-style accommodations on seven Canadian Forces Bases across Quebec and Ontario.


The budget for Quebec alone totals more than $46 million for the first six months. For a typical migrant family, that’s a $200,000/year subsidy — not including medicare or welfare.

To fight back against Justin Trudeau’s dangerous plan to rush tens of thousands of unvetted Muslim migrants to Canada, visit and sign the petition!

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  1. – trudo sowing seeds for jihad/mujahideen nightmare – future kanada might resemble centralasian wasteland after murderous meateating mongoloid moslem mujahideen bastard chengiz kanjar khan. queen supposedly related to mohaMAD.
    Book that gives me some hope is Acharya’s Dharma Manifesto.

  2. Trudeau you bought off globalist asshole….we have enough no go zones in Canada
    and welfare recipients ….RESERVES!!…..MY TAX DOLLARS ARE PAYING FOR THESE

    • Justin Trudeau is a traitor and with the help of George Soros is going to destroy Canada by opening our borders and allowing illegal refugees into our country.He is also involved with Soros agenda to destroy Canada with funded groups like black lives matter etc.Also with c-103 our free speech is threatened by opening the door to sharia law.Trudeau is a dangerous man the so called feminist(such a liar)when you goes to a mosque acting like a muslim just for votes.It is time to get rid of him the biggest traitor next to his father Pierre.WAKE UP CANADA

      so called feminist (what a liar)when goes to a mosque acting like a muslim just for votes

  3. Let me preface my comments by saying I consider myself to be a liberal, yet moderate, swing-voter that leans Democrat, & a peace loving humanitarian that has always believed in treating others with respect & equality. I have Muslim friends & neighbors that are good people, so I will not engage in or encourage hateful attitudes or violence towards Muslims in general. And I will not allow the same darkness that blackens the heart of the enemy to live in me. I choose Love over hate, which is not always easy considering what I know…..

    But unlike the stereotypes often associated with liberals or people that believe in Love as the ultimate truth & power, I am not naive. Nor am I blind to the dangers that Islam poses to the West; not just radical Islam, but Islam itself. I am highly aware & educated about its incompatibility with Western values, laws, & society. And I am appalled that liberal media around the World continues to engage in intentional whitewashing & sugar coating to hide the truth. It frustrates me to no end to see what I consider countries that are the homelands of my ancestors & friends being turned upside down while government sits idly by. It makes me want to shake & shout at the leaders of the free World to put their ideals & personal penances aside before it ruins us all. And to pay attention & take heed of what is going on in Europe.

    To think that Canada or the U.S. can “do it better” & attempt to assimilate thousands of people that have been mass transplanted from one society that bucks squarely against Western/democratic society is nothing short of foolish. There was no planning to these hasty mass importations pressured by the UN; no completely thinking through of the consequences on society, citizens, the welfare & medical systems of host countries, housing, the burden on the taxpayers, & assimilation issues. It’s across the board problems that should be a MAJOR part of U.S. election immigration dialogue.

    I care about what happens to Canada, as well as know that what Canada does effects the U.S. & vice vs. So I was livid to hear Trudeau carelessly invited in 25,000 refugees who could not possibly be properly vetted in the span of 4 months (if Syria even had any records, or we could tell who is actually a good Muslim or a bad one ); ostensibly inviting them to the U.S. back door. Same with Obama that just capped off the 10,000th so called refugee in the span of only 6 months.

    I believe there are ways to help the genuinely needy fleeing from war & persecution without compromising or playing into the hands of the enemy & inviting in the Trojan horse. Let’s face it, this situation is NOT normal, controlled immigration despite what the media & Democrats say…No, I do not believe every Muslim is a terrorist, but common sense tells you the more you invite in that can’t be properly checked let alone monitored, the higher the risk. And as I outlined above, the ramifications go way beyond potential terrorists.

    I’m truly concerned for the future of Europe & the free World, but I do think it’s important to remain optimistic & focused on what we want to achieve, not what we don’t. Freedom. Peace. Love. Keeping America, America. Canada, Canada. Europe, Europe etc.;

    Be well fellow World citizens & freedom fighters. Battle the enemy from within as well as without, for they are interconnected much more than some of you may yet know. Do not underestimate how powerful your thoughts are in influencing the collective World reality.

    Take care-

    • Karen I really appreciate your wisdom in recognizing the threat to Canada and the Canadian way of life.What I am very concerned about is the message our prime minister is showing the world that he is a muslim as Obama is and they are puppets for the puppet master George Soros.

  4. Justin, obama and hiliary are the tip of the iceberg. They are on miliary bases to cut off support so when the words given from when mouques attack they will join but what i don’t understand is their dead when they take over the tratiors are untrustworthy so why betray for people who have no honor and kill you and enslave no amount of money is worth tearing down greatish counties. If it wasn’t for intelligent stable countries we would be in stone age still.

  5. Canada, you will always have our back. All I’ve ever experienced from Canadians is smugness especially because I’m a Texan so that doubles the smugness by like a LOT apparently. We are your ally and your friend for better or worse. We will do what Americans do best and help protect your country and ours. We are neighbors after all so danger there means danger here. I wish your country the best. Stay strong and hopeful. You can always count on us even if you turn your backs on us. We’re your big brother and blood is thicker than water.

      • It’s called an election. That’s where you vote the lesser of the evils into office and they call it a democracy. When they’re in power they do whatever the fuck they want, regardless of what’s right or wrong for the general public. Trudeau is letting these people in because he is buying votes, quite simple. You guys in the United States are Citizens and have 2nd amendment rights, we in Canada are Subjects of the Queen and have a document called the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Which is a crock of shit because as we all know politics is based on big corporate interests not what is right for the people. Texas is the best!! and I too appreciate having you as a big brother. I agree with Canuck, I couldn’t think of another country I would rather have as a neighbor. I didn’t vote for the asshole but I’m from Alberta so my vote doesn’t count anyways. We westerners have quite a few similarities with the US so don’t count us out. I’d stand beside you guys and fight.

    • Heya from Canada.

      For what it’s worth, I love the States, especially Texas; whether the rest of America knows it or not, Texas is America backup bootdisc. Should things turn to shit down there, Texas will fix it.

      As far as up here goes… I hate hearing pompous asshats Canadians trash-talk Americans, and I aim to correct them on their self-righteous bullshit at every opportunity. Most Canadians don’t understand that we’re protected on the world stage due to our relationship with & proximity to the US.

      Please forgive your emo socialist little brother (hopefully it’s just a phase, right?)

      Cheers 🙂

      ps. Sorry about Bieber.

  6. Well I heard, but it may not be true – Justin is not only a feminist, he is actually (or was) a female. His real name is Justine and after the sex change, he changed it to Justin. I wonder how that works when he dresses up in his robe and visits mosques.

  7. What a short memory the Canadians have, it wasn’t so long ago that terrorists ran amok in the Parliament building in Ottawa, and a fine young man was gunned down as he stood guard. Disgusting that this man/child is destroying a once great country.

    • Easy does it, there, Anne…LOL

      Surely you must admit that Canada and the U.S. are the 2 best countries in the world, even with all their collective problems.

      It’s not a matter of which of the 2 are better…we are both majority English speaking, basically free and stable societies that have more in common than we have differences.

      What other country in the entire world would you rather have next to our southern border…?

      There isn’t 1 other country in the entire world I’d rather have as our neighbour.
      Just search this site to see what kind of shit is happening all over Europe with the moslem invasion. It’s a blight on humanity.
      How would you like to be living next door to any of those fool countries?

      We are in this Islamic mess together…and yes, countries in Europe are in it with us, but like Will Rogers once said; “The best friend the United States has {and I’ll include Canada as well} are the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.”
      This day and age, those vast distances aren’t as big a deterrent as they once were, but it’s still nice to have them.

      Both countries MUST get rid of the politicians that are putting their own interests and personal gain ahead of the nations best interest.

      It’s not a matter of “IF the shit hits the fan”, it’s only a matter of “when”…and when that happens, I want that big, dynamic, 2’d amendment protected, son-of-a-bitch of a great country on Canada’s side…and I want Canadians to reciprocate as best we can…because we are brothers in arms when it comes to islam.

      They may be bastards at times, but they’re OUR bastards, and they’re our friends, and we have a lot to lose if they ever turn their back on us.

    • You are a blind asswhole just like the rest of the liberals.Get your head out of your ass and see what is really going on

  8. justin turdeau..the ultimate arsehole..seriously how can a country elect a bloke like him to run it!!
    its a bit like me running a disaster

  9. Canadians: sorry to say, you deserve the results of your action, electing this brainless child as your prime minister. He did not hide his evilness like our Satan-in-Chief. Your amazing ignorance got you to that mess, the same like us by electing this devil for the second time.

  10. He is much more than a shiny pony. Jesus wept. I think most Canadians are too retarded to do much about this. They have been cowed into silent obedience by their friends and neighbours. Welcome to Marxist hell hosers.

  11. It is so sad. I earn less than 400 euros a month in my current job i have an e xpensive bsc msc i have no home of my own and just one old pc no kids no girlfriend no wife… And this people gain much more doing nothing…and we have to receive them and with our taxes fund them…

  12. Funny because my entire interaction with Canadians has been a constant stream of smug liberal shit about how superior they are to the U.S. And what racists we are ( even though a good number of them also told me ugly things about blacks) well, can’t say as I care what happens to them except that now they’ve fucked up our northern border as well. I will be watching the news with eager interest and laughing at you O Canada. At least I won’t have to hear how great your shitty welfare state and disaster of a medical care system are anymore.

    • Jp…

      You know something…you are right about some of what you say.
      I am a Canadian, and I obviously love my country, but we up here have an attitude that when it comes to the U.S. and Canada; we think our shit doesn’t stink.

      You guys have problems…huge problems….but we have problems as well.
      Yours just happen to be 10 times worse than ours, for the most part, simply because you’re 10 times our size.

      Canadians either forget, or don’t have a clue, that every little thing the U.S. does, affects us…either positively or negatively.

      We also tend to look down our noses at the States with a smugness that is quite annoying.
      Sure, your country has historically shit on other countries to protect your own interests…but so has Germany, France, Holland, Spain, Italy, Russia, China, Japan…and the grand daddy of them all, Great Britain.
      Great Britain SHIT ON EVERY ONE!

      Was it “morally right”.
      Maybe sometimes, but not very often…and certainly arguable, either way.

      It is my opinion that Canadians, for the most part, are unaware of the fact that the U.S., essentially, does “our dirty work for us”, if you will, and we stand back and benefit greatly from that “dirty work”, without getting “our hands dirty”.

      We stand back, and think we are “holier than thou”…

      We can sit up here and pontificate on how superior we are…but let me tell you…
      I liken Canada and the U.S. as 2 “turds”…you are obviously the “BIG ONE”, and we are the “little floating nuttal” that bobs around you in the bowl…but essentially made of the same stuff…
      turd wise, that is.
      If you guys go down the shit hole…we’ll be going down that same shit hole shortly there after.

      We voted this POS Trudeau into office…now it’s your turn to watch the mess we’re in.
      My bet is it will go from bad to worse…

      • Here’s the thing. If this goofy,stupid A-HOLE is pulling all Canadian troops out of the coalition, and turning military bases into HOMES for the muslims, WHO is going to protect Canadians when these bastards turn on them??You know damn well, isis is already in Canada, just like they’re in the U.S.

        • Nobody will protect us Robin….nobody.

          It wouldn’t surprise me if mosks all over Canada and the U.S. and even Europe, have weapons stashed somewhere in the building…just waiting for some imam to issue the fatwa to go on the attack.

          What will you do and who will you turn to if such a thing happens?

          We’ll just have to rely on l’il ol’ Justin…he’ll take care of us.

          Hope I’m wrong…time will tell.

      • Smaller countries tend to use the diplomatic strategy of trading to take the moral high ground because they’re too small to make effective military or economic threats. If Canada were the size of the US then they’d be making threats in a lot of cases simply because that option would become available to them.

        Some stuff some Canada sounds like “hey look how peaceful we are because we don’t invade anyone! We’re so morally superior!” Well duh, Canada doesn’t invade anyone because it can’t, at least not by itself. Only time it does is when cooperating with Britain or the US.

      • Amboyduke, if you’re ever in Texas, I’d like to buy you a beer. You use your words better than most folks I’ve Sen on these things. I wish you and yours best of luck.
        We’re working in getting or POS out of office, along with a bunch of his crooked cronies. Can’t wait to see how the next one’s going to screw things up. It’ll happen. Just a matter of when and how, no matter who gets in. Dems will do it faster and grander. Reps will sneak it in and do it grander. Wish us luck too. We got your back.

  13. We already seen & continue to see whats happening in European countries & this piece of shit traitor is letting in these filthy dirt bags , 25,00+ potential terrorists into our country WTF ??
    These people do not fit into our way of life or culture(s) & have been taught since birth to hate Christians & Jews & there Qu’ron tells them to kill any non-Muslim & whose paying for all these basket cases anyway$ ? And maybe if people start looking at the real agenda they will discover the shocking truth.

    These Muslims are being brought over here to destabilize our country so they can take away more of our freedom & liberties while destroying our economy & country in more ways than one & this is al part of making Canada a shit hole 3rd world country taking away our identity with these filthy rats who also believe they are entitles to molest, violate & rape any non-Muslim woman along with killing dogs & defecating in public just to name a few …and lets not forget the terrorists that come with all the filth they plan on bringing here ..all these middle eastern Jihadists are being used as pawns in Europe, the USA & here in Canada also as part of there NWO Agenda which also means a 1-world-government & a 1-world-religion eventually ..they want to strip everyone of there individuality & identity & make everyone ‘sheeple’ enslaving us while breaking us all down into submission with inflation, chemtrails, vaccines, Monsanto, Fukashima radiation, etc.

  14. Absolutely appalling. It’s hard to believe this is happening to the Canada that I grew up in. Is there no learning from what is going on in Europe? Give it a little time and we will be seeing the same rapes and violence that go along with the ideology the refugees will be bringing with them. Is there anything that thinking Canadians can do to stop this? I certainly did not vote for the current ‘prime minister’ and government.

    • This is happening everywhere, especially with the voting machines,but even with paper ballots. I used to even think decades ago when voting how easy it could be to rig elections,just get a bunch of bribable people together
      I was quite young then and was called ” suspicious” Well as maybe but served me well since then . All of them who said that , every one have fallen for the multi-culti
      And they still take the moral high ground because they are still right in their own eyes and now I am a ” hater” !

  15. Trudeau is a traitor. This is not simple incompetence. This is part of the NWO, it’s done on purpose to destroy this country.
    The islamization of the West alone doesn’t make any sense if you don’t take into consideration the NWO plans.

  16. It seems that Obama has been doing some clones. But the nail in the coffin of the West would be Hillary Clinton was elected President; there would be the extinction of the entire cosmos.

  17. Can’t be any doubt that Trudope has converted to Islam!. And I live in a Canadian border State! Gonna make more ammo….

    • We need a border between U.S. and Canada, along with the Southwest border between the U.S. and Mexico. This has to be STOPPED!!!!

  18. Has there been any more talk of secession? It’s hard to believe that most Canadians support this dhimmidiot. Can we assume this is the work of the Leftards in the major eastern cities? Islam-induced insanity spreads through those fools like the Zika virus.

    If Trudeau recited the Shahada he is now “technically” a Muslim! Never mind Stephen Harper. Y’all need Ezra Levant as PM at this point.

  19. Australia had Kevin Rudd as our big mistake. USA had Obama.. we all know about. Now Canada has Trudeau. Maybe ‘shit’ really does come in ‘ threes ‘ !!!

  20. Canada: Ottawa to face court challenge over Saudi arms deal. Now that Canada has a muslims leader, they are making large weapons deals with Saudi Arabia. Opponents of Canada’s $15-billion arms deal with Saudi Arabia are taking Ottawa to court in an attempt to block shipments of the combat vehicles, a move that could force the governing Liberals to explain how they justify the sale to a human-rights pariah under weapon-export restrictions. Mr. Turp and his group are calling on critics of the deal across the country to rally behind their challenge, which they are calling Operation Armoured Rights, pointing to how poorly Saudi Arabia treats its own citizens and the civilian carnage of the Saudi-led bombing campaign in Yemen.

  21. They kid Joe Clark out, but will they kick this jerk out or stand by him? I only believe what I see anymore. And they will bankrupt us and like turn Canada into a trash can. Just like Europe and the sad part is they only give the pensioners .50cent more. Well, thanks to all the ones who voted for this piece of garbage but, comes to no surprise.

  22. Is there anybody in Canada who with now stick their hand up and admit they voted for the utter BUFFOON? Come back Stephen Harper, Canada needs you more than ever!

  23. While not all refugees are economic migrants as well, there have been enough in Europe to provide a warning here!
    The border controls between Canada and USA will get some testing. Too hard to fence out such refugees in lightly staffed areas, the USA will have Trudeau to thank for an influx of them. As they will not have required papers they will have a lot of mischief on their minds, I expect.

  24. Well, well, well….

    The imbecilic, voting public in my great country voted this thing into office, based mostly on his rotten heritage and his supposedly handsome face…and that’s about all.

    We get what we deserve…and we’ll love every agonizing minute of it…
    He’s a simple-minded fool, who constantly uses the terms “engage”, “diversity”, and he is especially fond of the term….”ummm”.

    I would absolutely love to see the bastard squirming in his form fitting orange jumpsuit, staring down one of those islamic melon surgeons coming at him with a shiv…at the very least, someone should beat the livin’ shit out of the son-of-a-bitch!

    Ezra is a Canadian saint…IMNSHO.
    NOT ONE WORD of this shit is ever reported on the usual media outlets.

    I AM ENRAGED!!!!
    I would never have guessed, in my wildest dreams, I could have this depth of hatred in my being…

  25. how could canadiens possibly vote for this piece of shit trudeau; did they learn nothing from their neighbor to the south who made the egregious error of electing obama?

  26. One of the MANY reasons every NON-Muslim nation must STOP FINANCING the UN and get OUT of the EVIL, MUSLIM TERRORIST-LOVING UN IMMEDIATELY:

    From the Rebel website:

    Page 120, section G 26 of the UN’s Handbook for processing Refugees, states that being a part of a terrorist group doesn’t mean you can’t be a refugee.

    “The fact that an individual is designated on a national or international list of terrorist suspects (or associated with a designated terrorist organization) should trigger consideration of the exclusion clauses but will not in itself generally constitute sufficient evidence to justify exclusion.”

    The UN, which outsources the processing of refugees to third party groups, doesn’t really see a problem with people being on a terrorist group list.

      • Terrorists run the UN. I mean the Saudis are in charge of ” human rights” at the UN FFS. I was going to say would they defacate where they eat but yes they would. They crap in the shower, the swimming pool and on floors so perhaps there is hope one of them WILL bomb the UN.

      • Isn’t it amazing how the terrorist just know who not to tough and who to touch. Same as the invaders they know who not to touch and who to touch. They never touch government only citizens.

  27. All proud CANDIANS should stop “shiny pony” Trudeau bringing muslem migrants into this country. All proud CANADIANS need to know that this is just the start.

  28. No doubt, Trudeau the Traitor will make sure many thousands of his ISIS terrorist friends are imported into Canada.

    Is Trudeau planning to gift the Muslim imports with sub machine guns, pistols, lots of bullets and top military training to wage war on Canada’s despised hated infidels at a future time?

    Will Trudeau have the decency to provide armed male guards to protect female military from savage gang rapes by his adored Muslims?

    Will Trudeau provide transportation for Muslim males to night clubs and other places where there are lots of non-Muslim females so that Canada can duplicate all the horrors of Cologne on New Year’s Eve?

  29. What an ahole. Hopefully one of his savage friends gets close enough to waste him before he completly destroys Canada.This is another reason we need Trump as president more then ever. Our Northern borders are as open as they are to our south.

  30. The fact that he could get elected demonstrates severe problems in Canadian society and government.

    Trudeau is worse than Muslim.

  31. WTF !!! This is madness.


    Are you crazy???

    If I wanted to immigrate to US or Canada,I have to bring a 250.000 dollars + and it is on non perminent agreement.
    So, there is no plase for my European white ‘sorry as’, but a muslim f$cking is so welcome.

    I lost my hope for ever for this world.

  32. The selfie fool, narsassitc turdeau is so full of himself. 1.6 billion dollars to support muslums. What a waste of money. This fool will put Canada into danger and bankruptcy with his pandering to muslums.

    • ” …..Turdeau”……… I like that!! ( though this is being unfair to turds everywhere.).

      I am absolutely aghast that Canadians voted in this traitorous Muslim convert who is doing his best to destroy Canada.
      Were they aware of his agenda, or did this only come out after he was elected?
      Could any Canadian enlighten me as to how this disaster occurred??

  33. I am embarrassed to admit I’m Canadian. I spent 22 years in the RCAF for this to happen to my country. I received this email today from one of our more trusted news outlets. Please help us if you can

    Dear Robert,

    Today Justin Trudeau ordered the Canadian Armed Forces to stop combat operations against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria.

    But his new plans are even more shocking: the Liberals have drafted plans to house more than 6,000 Muslim migrants on a long-term basis at seven military bases across Canada.

    Trudeau plans to turn our military bases into refugee camps.

    Documents obtained by The Rebel under access to information laws show that the Department of National Defence has budgeted tens of millions of dollars for this scheme. That includes a massive budget for “religious support” of these Syrian migrants, including the purchase of Korans, Muslim prayer mats and foot-washing towels. The plan also calls for the construction of mosques, or “worship centres” as they’re referred to in the documents.

    Click here to watch our video exclusive of this news, and read the government planning documents yourself.

    Yours truly,

    Ezra Levant

    P.S. Please forward this e-mail to all of your friends and family. The mainstream media loves Trudeau’s plans to weaken our military, abandon our allies, and open the floodgates to unvetted Muslim migrants. Only The Rebel is doing real reporting on the subject.

    • Rod D, I post a lot of stories from The Rebel and rarely ever use Canada’s MSM.

      I am afraid you have elected your own Obama, but at least you have a Parliament which can kick him out before the next election. You should be happy that he is showing what a traitor he is so early in his administration. The sooner people realize what a mistake they made, the sooner you can get rid of him.