Britain-bound truck driver hangs raw pork pieces off his truck to stop Muslim illegals from climbing aboard

555-viAn ingenious truck driver came up with a clever way to keep masses of Muslim freeloaders from sneaking into the back of his truck to hitch a free ride to the UK. He hung several large raw pig parts off the bumper of his 18-wheeler at Calais, France near the entrance to the EuroTunnel.


UK Daily Mail (h/t Winslo K)  A video posted online show a German truck waiting at Calais with at least four parts of a pig attached to the rear bumper, where Muslims try to breach the truck’s rear door and sneak aboard for free illegal passage to the UK where the welfare handouts are more generous than in France.


Drivers caught by border patrol with stowaways hidden in their cargo can face hefty fines and even imprisonment. Police in Coquelles, near Calais, have been battling to contain attempts by Muslim invaders to access the Eurotunnel terminal.

Islam strictly forbids the eating of pork so most Muslims would never touch it, even when it is in a package.