So, a guy walks into a bar and sees Donald Trump and Ted Cruz sitting at a table…



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  1. Cordite is great smell for breakfast, do your firefight early, use your C3 and C4 to heat your breakfast and always take a shower with the one you love, and mine is a beauty, she commands the dark, like at&t she can reach out and touch someone, she can rock and roll, has few hangups, and although I am white and she is black this jar-head cares not, she is the best ar15 ever made and she is mine ! The blonde can carry her bandoliers, and cool her off when she gets too hot…

    John Rowe (USMC) Still poking commies in the eye since 1971

  2. As an older man who admits to appreciating a little eye candy, respectfully of course, what a shame it would be for her to be imprisoned in a muslim garbage bag. But, that wouldn’t stop those muzscum dogs (Isn’t that a breed?) from sniffing, hyperventilating, and uncontrollably slavering around that.

  3. I wonder, in the past, humans only had a small sampling of news from anywhere beyond their local area.
    But, now, as we are all linked in this ‘Information Age’, there is no missing news from far and wide (unless you have no interest in it).
    So, as people are (slowly) becoming more educated about Muslims, and can do a search about their ploys, and lies, and history of continuing aggression, it will be harder for Muslims to lie to our faces, continue to say that abuse and aggression is “NOT a part of Islam”, and disavow the connection between ‘Radical Groups’, and the ultimate plans to establish their ‘Caliphate’.

    Let’s hope that this comes soon. Those of us who already see, must stand strong, and be there to show the ‘presently blind’, the way to the truth and the light at the end of the tunnel.

  4. Sad case is I had a conversation with someone who mentioned could muzz actually be involved in a “world war.” Say what?

    This person was clueless that both World Wars had significant muzz evil involved.

    During World War one the muzlim Ottoman Empire was one of the three “bad guys” against the Allies. The OE was part of the Central Powers… and thousands of Allied troops especially the AUSTRALIANS and NEW ZEALANDERS… lost their lives going up against the muzz monsters of the OE. It was also the OE that committed horrific atrocities against Armenians and other primarily Christian ethnic groups during WW One. The Armenian Genocide remains one of the most savage acts of inhumanity in world history.

    So, yes… muzz were a major part of World War One.

    Then for World War Two… the Grand Mufti was an ally of Hitler and the Nazis. He helped orchestrate the murder of large numbers of Jewish women and children. He was helping plan what the Nazis hoped would be the extermination of Jews in British Palestine. He was involved in promoting Jew-hatred propaganda.

    And muzz in the Balkans? Muzz SS units tortured and slaughtered Jews, Serbians, more Jews, gays, more Jews, Christian clergy, more Jews, non-mulsim Slavics, more Jews, intelligentsia, more Jews, Greeks, more Jews… you get the picture.

    Also, in World War Two… Soviet muzz sympathized with the Nazis and were collaborating to the point where the USSR had to deport large numbers of them to Siberia…

    Many muzz in India sided with the Japanese against the British.

    So, YES… muzz maggots were involved heavily in WW Two.

    So, now what are the world’s muzz pushing us towards?

    As for the joke… it was hilarious. Poor little blondie girl…. a casualty of global conflict.

  5. hee ! hee ! must have been a red neck bar ? Trump nor Cruz would hang out in a yuppie or hippy bar if they want any votes ! as for the the chesty blond if I seen her in there to hell with Trump or Cruz it’s every man for himself rules

  6. Ok,… that was funny right there!

    I agree with Nimrod,… I also hate implants,…
    There an offence against a woman’s natural beauty.

    Also, only 140 mill?


  7. I’d love to borrow her for my son’s high school prom this coming June. Then I’d throw my wife out & have her move in.

  8. What would have been a few thousand in old testament times is now a cpl hundred million. The Jews should have followed GOD’S instructions and wiped them out back then. GOD knew what they would do.
    When HE steps in and wipes them off the face of the earth all will know that HE is GOD alone…

    • Islam didn’t start until around 5th century, dumb-ass, at least a thousand years AFTER the stories of the OT supposedly takes place.

    • From the same site:

      This is a future-history joke that takes place sometime in January 2017:

      Three Buttons and Donald Trump
      Shortly after his inauguration as 45th President of the United States Donald Trump announces that he is going to re-negotiate Obama’s horrible deal with Iran. So he goes to a meeting in Tehran with Hassan Rouhani, the President of Iran.

      They were in a room sitting in two chairs and it was only the two of them. As they start talking Trump notices three buttons on Rouhani’s chair. So they go on talking and Rouhani pushes the first button and a bottle comes down and hits the Donald on his head. Trump gets a little mad but goes on with the negotiation.

      A bit later Rouhani pushes the second button and a shoe comes out and kicks Trump in the shin. Trump is beginning to get steamed but nonetheless goes on.

      Five minutes more and the third button is pushed – another boot comes out and kicks Trump in the nuts. Now Trump gets really mad and says, “I’m going back to America, we will settle this in two weeks in America.”

      Two weeks go by and President Trump and Rouhani meet in the Oval Office in the White House. Rouhani notices 3 little buttons on Trump’s chair. He gets prepared. Minutes go by and they aren’t really getting anywhere with their negotiation. Trump pushes the first button. Rouhani ducks but nothing happens.

      They go on and Trump pushes the second button. Rouhani jumps again but nothing happens. He gets a bit scared but continues with the talks.

      Finally Trump pushes the third button and Rouhani jumps once more. But again nothing happens. The strain on Rouhani is too much and so he says, “I’m going back to Iran.”

      Trump laughs and scratches his head, “Iran? What Iran?”

  9. That is the sad state of affairs in the land of WE THE PEOPLE who would not mind peopling America with Devils and Satan’s! HAIL AMERICA! HELL AMERICA!

  10. No offense to anyone with implants but…. The woman in that photo would look so much better without implants.

    I guess I just like the natural look more.