DEARBORNISTAN: Muslims create a commercial promoting Ramadan 2016


While the Muslim population in America is at least partly responsible for the elimination of symbols representing our Judeo-Christian culture, they are busy pushing their religious holidays on the American public, even in schools.

FOX2Detroit (h/t Rob E)  The group produced a 2015 commercial filmed in Dearborn that aired in Michigan, Florida and New York, and are currently producing a 2016 version. This year’s commercial is set to air in six different states, including Michigan, with a goal to bump the number up to all 50 states.

The Ramadan commercial aims to show the real image of everyday Muslims and a glimpse into their lives during Ramadan. Check out what everyday Muslims were doing last year during Ramadan 2015 (below):

Can’t wait to see what kind of commercial they create for the Muslim holiday of Eid where millions of live animals have their throats cut, while mobs of giddy people watch the animals bleed to death while still conscious.

As if that in itself wasn’t bad enough, Muslims even found some useful idiots from the Christian and Jewish communities to finance the commercial…obviously believing that if they keep feeding the crocodile, it will eat them last.