Forget about booking a hotel room in Ontario, Canada any time soon

dynamic_resizeCANADIANS, tourists, and other visitors cannot book hotel rooms in several Ontario hotels because they are filled with Canadian soldiers who have been kicked out of their military bases in order to house thousands of Syrian Muslim refugees…all funded by Canadian taxpayers, under orders of the Islam-pandering Trudeau Regime.

I suppose the upside is that at least the soldiers are in the hotels, not the Muslim freeloaders.

Rebel Media is reporting, as they warned about last week, that Canadian soldiers are being kicked out of their homes on military bases and Muslim migrants from Syria are being flown in to live in our soldiers’ homes. PM Justin Trudeau has promised to bring in 25,000 Syrian migrants by the end of February 2016.


At Canadian Forces Base Trenton (below), soldiers were busy working as housemaids to prepare the barracks for 950 Syrian  Muslim refugees


Ezra Levant has a better idea: “We should house these refugees in Parliament. Seriously. Not the actual chamber of the House of Commons, but all the offices around them. Surely that’s a lesser convenience and humiliation than is being done to our troops. After all, MPs are the ones who support this. Why, with the Liberals, are soldiers always our punching bags?”

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