OHIO: Somali Muslim who attacked patrons in restaurant with machete killed by police

nazareth-225x300A Somali Muslim savage, reportedly on the FBI terrorist watch list, who attacked patrons and staff at the Nazareth Restaurant in Columbus, Ohio, with a machete last night, was shot and killed by police minutes later. There are indications that the attack may have been motivated by the owner’s Israeli Christian heritage. (Well, duh!)


PJ Media  CBS News has identified the suspect as Mohamed Barry. The popular owner of the restaurant is an Israeli Christian from Haifa. The husband of one of the victims claimed on Twitter last night that the suspect entered the restaurant and asked where the owner was from.

Police said that some kind of discussion or altercation then occurred at which time the suspect left. He then returned approximately 45 minutes later with the machete and immediately began attacking patrons and staff. They resisted and began throwing chairs at the suspect. One of the staff apparently grabbed some kind of weapon (the owner was known for walking around with an aluminum baseball bat) and the suspect fled.

Four people were transported to the hospital, one critically injured. Victims were able to get video of the suspect’s car and a partial license plate. Police were able to locate the suspect’s vehicle and gave chase. After spinning the car out, the suspect emerged with both a machete and a knife and lunged at police, at which point the suspect was shot and killed.

ABC News Police say information connected to the registration of a car driven by a suspect in a restaurant machete attack led them to contact the FBI.


Hany Baransi tells The Columbus Dispatch that he thinks the machete-wielding man purposely chose the Nazareth Restaurant and Deli on Thursday instead of one of the other nearby businesses in the strip mall.

FBI Special Agent Rick Smith says it’s too early in the investigation to jump to any conclusions. (Yeah,right,  a Muslim savage goes on a rampage attacking patrons of an Israeli owned restaurant and there’s nothing to conclude? Don’t insult our intelligence)


Authorities identified the attacker as 30-year-old Mohamed Barry. He was fatally shot by an officer after fleeing the scene. Officers unsuccessfully used a stun gun first, and Barry was shot after lunging at the officers.

A police spokesman says an attempt to stop the suspect using a stun gun was unsuccessful, and an officer shot him when he lunged. Police say the officer involved in the shooting is a 25-year veteran.

Three men and one woman were hurt in the Thursday evening machete attack in northeast Columbus. Police say a 54-year-old man remained in critical but stable condition Friday at a hospital. Another man and woman were in stable condition. The fourth victim had been treated and released.