Turkey decides Angela Merkel’s bribe of three billion euros is still not enough to keep Turkey from flooding Europe with even more Muslim invaders

1030914474The EU promised Turkey more than three billion euros for its assistance in resolving the current Muslim refugee crisis. While EU member states are arguing about the funding, the Turkish government has made it clear that the proposed large amount of money still is insufficient to keep hundreds of thousands/millions more Muslims out of Europe.

A top Iman Sheikh Muhammad Ayed recently gave a speech in which he asserted that Muslims should use the migrant crisis to breed with European citizens and “conquer their countries.”


UK Telegraph  Turkey is prepared to “open the gates” and allow hundreds of thousands of refugees on its soil into Europe, the country’s president threatened on Thursday, as he denounced the West’s ‘shameful’ contribution to the crisis.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan goaded EU leaders, saying they had not delivered the €3 billion (£2.3 billion) in aid his government was promised in exchange for halting the tide of refugees.


In a combative address in Ankara, he said the Turkish government was being taken for “idiots” by Brussels and insisted he was “proud” of leak minutes of a high-level meeting with EU leaders, in which he had threatened to flood Europe with refugees.


“In the past we have stopped people at the gates to Europe, in Edirne we stopped their buses. This happens once or twice, and then we’ll open the gates and wish them a safe journey, that’s what I said. 


Don’t think that the planes and the buses are there for nothing. We will show patience up to a point and then we’ll do what’s necessary.”


Turkey is struggling to cope with more than 2.5 million Muslim refugees on its soil.  Under a now unravelling “dirty deal” organised by the European Union’s leadership and backed by the British government, Mr Erdogan was to be offered €3 billion in aid, in exchange for halting the flow of boats.


But the cash has been delayed by wrangling among European leaders, and several thousand migrants a day still make the short crossing over the Aegean.


“I am proud of what I said. We have defended the rights of Turkey and the refugees. And we told them: ‘Sorry, we will open the doors and say ‘goodbye’ to the migrants’,” Mr Erdogan said. He claimed the UN has spent less than half a billion dollars in the crisis, and demanded more countries take in migrants, adding: “Shame on you! Shame on you!”