GERMANY: Afghan Muslim freeloaders refused to get off the bus because they didn’t like the accommodations

When the Afghan Muslim ingrates saw the apartment building, they refused to get off the bus because they wanted to live in a house, not an apartment.

Send them back to their mud huts in Afghanistan.

Rejected housing
Rejected housing

DMF  The caretakers of the emergency accommodation in Salzwedel brought a total of six people from Afghanistan, a couple with two children and the brother with his wife. They were to have temporary accommodation in Klötze.

But the Afghans refused to get off the bus. They just sat there. The reason: in the reception centre where they were housed during their flight, they allege they had been promised a house. They insisted on this and refused to move into the home in the new block of flats. 

The two local council employees had no choice but to close the minibus doors and drive with both families back to Salzwedel. There the Afghans were housed once again in the sports hall at the Kollwitz school.