NEW YORK: Parents irate after public school hosted “World Hijab Day” event which “urged girls to wear the Muslim headbag”

websterThe Rochester, New York World School of Inquiry hosted a “World Hijab Day” event the week of February 1st which “encouraged girls to wear the Muslim religious head covering.” Shortly thereafter, WSI Principal Sheela Webster “fielded dozens of calls” from  parents who were infuriated.


WHEC  The event was initiated after tenth grader Eman Muthana — who routinely wears a hijab — wrote a letter to the school concerned about how she and other girls were being viewed. “We wanted them to experience it and feel how we feel,”(oppressed second class citizen?) says Muthana. “I just feel proud that I’m sharing my (7th Century misogynistic) culture.”


Friday, the school set up tables in the cafeteria to allow students to ask questions — and invited girls to try on a hijab. Boys were given carnations to show their support. Eighth grader Kmoo Htoo says, “I wanted to show respect to the culture and I think it’s like really cool to wear.” (Do you think it’s cool to have your genitals mutilated too? Maybe they will have FGM Day next)


But as word spread on social media Thursday about the student-run event, a backlash of comments and questions about whether it was appropriate to be encouraging students to don a religious symbol in a public school.

Having a “Hijab Day” is actually one of the suggestions of our very own federal Department of Education. On DOE’s official blog, it says one of the ways to help combat Islamophobia is to “share inspiring examples like ‘Walk a Mile in her Hijab,’ whose goal is to spread awareness about Muslim cultural traditions and to combat anti-Muslim bias.”