MISSOURI Muslims gather at Capital building with CAIR to ‘demand’ legislation be passed against ‘Islamophobia’

They are also demanding that America takes in as many ‘Syrian’ Muslim freeloaders, rapists, and jihadists posing as refugees as possible…whether or not they come from Syria or anywhere else.


FYI: There weren’t “hundreds” there as they media claimed…50 at most. Designated Terrorist group CAIR-St. Louis  spokesJihadist Faizan Syed said: “We expect our state legislature to address the growing trend of Islamophobia by speaking out against it and voting against anti-religion bills that have come up every year in Missouri.” “We find it unacceptable that the state legislature is even considering building World War II-style internment camps for Syrian refugees or barring them from entering our state. We want Missouri to be a welcoming state for all Muslim refugees,” ( even if there are terrorists among them)

OOPS! The so-called ‘Islamophobe’ responsible for killing two Muslims in Missouri is a Muslim himself