MUSLIMS HATE DOGS which is why they love to torture them (Viewer Discretion Strongly Advised)

This video is from a heavily Muslim area of India. 


UK Daily Mail  (h/t Simon C) Horrific footage of a dog being tied up in the crucifixion position and pelted with cigarettes and shoes has triggered outrage among animal rights campaigners. The video, shared on WhatsApp and Facebook, shows the poor animal unable to escape from its cruel captors as the laughing mob mistreat it.

Haunting music can be heard playing while objects are thrown at the dog during the  video. Shoes, flip flops and what appears to be cigarette butts are all flung at the dog, which is seen trying hopelessly to cover its face during the beating.

Muslims don’t hate cats but they like to crucify them, too. There have been several stories here about Muslim crucifixions, usually of people, but often of animals as you can see by the photos below:






They hit the jackpot with this one
Muslims hit the jackpot with this cat crucifixion